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My time in New Eden has been somewhat sparse over the last week.  Real life obligations and playing other games has taken me away from my capsuleer.  In many ways, I have to consider this a good thing.  Absence makes the heart grow fonder, or in EVE’s case; absence makes the long training skills not seem quite so long.  Watching a five-day skill slowly tick towards completion when you play several hours nightly is somewhat taxing, but if you only log in every other day it completes in half the time!


In all seriousness I have branched out to other games in order to keep EVE as fresh as possible.  I still find adventures in New Eden to be as interesting as always, but in order to stave out burnout I soon realized that I would need to cut back on my playtime.  I have some long term goals that I am currently working on and don’t want to feel pressure to move on to Battleships and eventual 0.0 combat before my life in Empire has a chance to take off.


Primarily my time is now spent in and around the Rens system doing work for the Brutor Tribe Corporation.  With several high-security level II, III and IV agents, this is a natural choice for a corporation to grind standings with to check out level four missions.  Unfortunately, moving on from level one missions has forced me to dock my destroyer and use it as an after combat looting and salvage ship.  Having to dock and change ships to loot and salvage is a significant increase in time compared to the speed at which I could complete level one missions.  Additionally, Rens and its surrounding systems are all VERY high security and are in the .8-1.0 variety.  Not exactly prime sites for probe exploration.


Currently I am working my way towards flying a mining barge.  Not that I have a large interest in mining, I just want to be able to fly one should the need arise.  Also as even the PVP oriented corps and alliances seem to have an industrial aspect, it should help improve my prospects of recruitment when I do venture out into the great 0.0 unknown, currently planned for when I get to around 5-6 million skill points.


~ by Centuri on April 27, 2009.

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  1. Sebiestor and Republic Fleet are actually better corps to work for, if you’re planning on doing level 4’s. The highest Brutor agent in hi-sec is a L4 Q-7 over in Frarn. Sure it’s only 1 jump from Rens, which is nice, but the payouts are crap.

    Republic Fleet has an L4 Q10 agent in a 0.6 (Gulfonodi) which pays decently, and a L4 Q18 in a 0.5 (Gelfiven) that pays nearly double the Q10 (in LP, anyway) but it’s right next to 2 lowsec systems, so you kinda have to watch where you’re being sent. There’s also Emolgranian, but I’ve not used that as a mission hub — it’s extremely crowded.

    I haven’t worked Sebiestor Tribe up, but I’m told they have several high quality L4 agents that only send you on hi-sec missions.

    Anyway.. you’re in a good area, and Molden Heath is pretty high population for a lowsec area, so if yo’re wanting pvp, there’s plenty to be had — Amamake is a EXCELLENT system for it — it’s a 0.4 sec, it’s VERY small, and it’s got several Republic Fleet stations and agents there in the level 2 and 3 range, so if you’re wanting some “thrilling” mission running (or to see if you can catch some mission runners. . . ) it’s a nice spot. Pirates come through at times, but not too often — there are enough mission runners there that they gang up on the pirates to try to keep them out.

    And it’s all within 5-8 jumps of Rens, so it’s still not terribly far 😀

  2. Thanks for the info. As much info as there is about EVE out there, I am surprised that there isn’t some guide for which corps have the best/most high-sec high level and quality agents.

    I will have to check out those corps. Just hate to toss out all of the last week or so worth of mission running.

    One thing that I dislike about the Rens area, as opposed to my old residence, is the lack of .5 to .7 systems that always seemed to have decent exploration.

    I think some of my corp mates have been out in that system before just to check out low-sec space and do a bit of ratting. Perhaps once we all get up to cruisers-battlecruisers we will try and get some poor mission runners. =D

  3. is probably the best guide out there for where the various mission givers are.

    I’ve only recently begun using it. TBH, I can do level 4 Brutor missions…. but I was unsatisfied with the payouts from that -7 quality agent, so that was when I swapped to the Republic fleet. And after I was able to do their level 4’s was when I was told Sebiestor’s most likeyl the best for the Matari section of space. But my corp’s all up in Caldari space so I moved back there…. and started missioning the Corporate Police Force — and this was my 1st time picking a corp due to researching their agents. I’m now missioning for a L4Q18 agent in a 0.5 system surrounded by 0.5-0.7 systems — high payouts, no risk of lowsec. Plus it’s close to the Amarr border so I tend to get more Blood Raider missions than from the Caldari Navy 😉

    Something else that helps the mission grind is the Social skills. I was able to train “everything” in that skill section in just a little over 2 weeks (and I didn’t have your newbie double training speed bonus, though I had all learning to 5/4 and +4 implants. . . . ) and it makes it so that for any “neutral” corporation I start working for, I start at level 2’s. It’s still a grind to L3, but then L3 to L4 goes quite quickly. Plus the increased payouts and LP rewards are especially nice too.

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