That is the sound of me in RvR in Warhammer Online.  The boom sound would be my clenched fist slamming into the desktop rather forcefully.  Even the wife questions why I am playing a game that makes me so angry and leaves me feeling so frustrated.  I am quickly running out of excuses.


Failure in a video game is nothing new to me.  Failure at PVP in video games is nothing new to me.  On my run up to 1800 rating in 2v2 season three in WoW (not that great but not bad either) there were plenty of losses to get angry about.  A lucky hit from an opponent, some spell resisted and we would loose to the random number generator.  Such losses were difficult to analyze and glean improving information from.


After each loss, my teammate and I would discuss the match for a minute or so and talk about what went right and what went wrong.  Perhaps I zigged when I should have zagged.  Maybe I should have spent more time controlling the opposing teams DPS player and less time beating on the healer.  Maybe my partner should have moved closer to aid me in pealing that rogue off of him.


Every loss was treated as a learning opportunity.  Every defeat was just a chance to improve our play so that the next time we would do a little bit better.  I eventually gave up on WoW arena in season three and never really looked back.  I enjoyed the PVP, but disliked the small scale and the microscope that it places class balance under.  I liked the arena meta-game of tactics, equipment, and min/max talent builds.  Absolutely hated the counter comps that it created and being able to tell if it would be an easy win or, at best, a hard fought loss based simply on the class makeup of the other team.


Warhammer Online provides no such opportunities for me.  The game’s performance simply does not support the high level of fast-paced tactical play that is present in other games out there.  Life saving abilities will fire off, but due to lag your friendly target is already dead and a long cool down wasted.  Kiting melee characters become problematic as 1-2 second “hitches” in the game engine prove fatal.  An enemy tank sent me flying from my own back lines up to the front lines and I am dead before my client even registers that I have moved and am unable to react in the slightest bit.


Sadly it is not just in the massive open RvR battles that I am finding these problems.  Lately my performance in scenarios has been decreasing as well, and those are just 15v15 mostly.  The best way that I can describe how I am feeling is that I am better at Warhammer Online than Warhammer Online will let me be, which is understandably frustrating.  I just hope that something changes, one way or another, before I break my desk or my hand.


~ by Centuri on April 30, 2009.

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