Warhammer Account Canceled for the Fourth Time


As I am only rank 34, I was not allowed to participate in the fortress siege.  So I spent about 20 minutes tabbed out of the game surfing the web while my realm captured the fort.  A few minutes later I was given the bonus renown and influence for “helping” with the capture as I heroically stood guard on my army’s rear echelon.  At least that is about what I can assume that the game thought I was doing.


Thus began another city capture PQ, which you will know from yesterday I not my favorite thing in the game.  I was able to make it into a city instance rather quickly and that is about where any semblance of enjoyment left me.  It’s one thing to be playing an MMO and think to yourself that you could be having more fun playing WoW, it’s an entirely different beast to be playing an MMO and wondering if something is on Lifetime worth watching, or perhaps that home flipping show is on TLC and I can cheer on the participant’s failure. 


Sadly either option would have been more enjoyable than either of the two city instances that I was in.  The first instance had a stalwart group of Order players that were somewhat organized, or at least followed orders well enough, pun intended.  They were all simply content to sit on the temple battlefield objective and never leave.  They never rallied out from the temple.  Never counterattacked our forces.  They refused to chase anyone out of the immediate vicinity of the temple.  They simply sat in that section of the city for the first thirty minutes of the instance, while we held every other bit of ground.


Gradually the Order realm was able to extinguish the necessary number of fires and we allowed them to send a small group of several players to the dock objective to capture that.  This put the city into the Order phase 2 of the public quest and spawned the Destruction Lord right outside of our Warcamp.  Surely they would sally forth to banish this Chaos Champion from their city streets?  Nope.  They just sat in the temple and never pulled the boss, patiently waiting for the PQ to reset and farm more renown.


Soon after that, one of the Destruction warbands left the instance to try and get a group of Order that would actually play the game.  Seeing that an Alliance warband was forming up in Alliance chat, I also ditched the failing city instance and jumped into a new one, hoping for better spoils.  This new instance was going much better for us.  Destruction dominated the streets and swept the Order from the heart of the city.  Soon we had Order camped into their spawn area and held every objective.


Pushing the public quest into phase two, we spawned the Order Lord and had our game faces on for the pull.  Tanks picked up the mobs like clockwork.  Healers healed and DPS players brought on the pain.  Then the Order players who were hiding behind the NPC defenders in their warcamp “valiantly” charged forth.  With all of our tanks occupied with the Lord and his Hero rank guards, there was little resistance we could muster.  Soon healers went down, then the tanks died to the Lord and his guards, shortly thereafter the DPS began to go down one by one, as they were killed in one shot by the strong NPC attacks from the public quest mobs.


After several more failed attempts on the Lord, all with the same conclusion of Order only coming out of their warcamp once the Lord was pulled, it reset and went back to phase one.  Again we kept them penned up around their warcamp.  They put up token resistance throughout the city and once again we dominated the streets holding every objective. 


As time began to wane down we though that perhaps Order was sufficiently beaten to allow us another go at the public quest boss.  With thirty minutes left, we again pushed the PQ into phase two and spawned the Order Lord.  Sure enough the stalwart defenders of Altdorf surged forth only with the PQ Lord was pulled.  We pulled them as far back as possible from the Order warcamp and setup in a narrow alleyway to protect our flanks from enemy players. 


We also assigned three tanks strictly to forming up a tank wall at the alleyway entrance to keep Order players out.  All other tanks were to round up the NPC guards and boss.  DPS was to zerg down the boss and ignore Order players.  That lasted about thirty seconds and we were able to get the boss down to about 75% before all hell broke loose.  Through the liberal use of knock-backs, our tank wall at the entrance way was thrown back.  A flood of order players came through the alleyway taking out anything in their path.  I was quite shocked at the sheer number of players on the order side due to the poor resistance they had mounted throughout the night.  So again it was a wipe.


Soon the PQ reset and we were out of time. Destruction only had something around 92% domination of Altdorf, and not enough control apparently to push the city into the next phase of conquest.  Thus another city contest went by without either side being able or willing to complete the public quest.


I went ahead and canceled my subscription and it runs out again on May 24th.  I am more than a bit disappointed in what the end-game of Warhammer Online seems to have become.  Zerg vs. Zerg lagfests competing over static objectives in a static world just does not carry much appeal to me.  City capture mechanics that reward players more for NOT completing objectives and camping one spot in a giant blob need to be reworked.  Perhaps future patches will address the lag and provide more incentive for small group skirmishes.  Maybe the Land of the Dead patch coming this summer will provide an RvR alternative to city capture instances.  Only time will tell.


~ by Centuri on May 5, 2009.

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