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With the launch of Ulduar two of the four WoW guildies of mine have really cut back on their EVE play schedule.  While this is completely understandable, it does leave me with a bit less incentive to log in and provides me with lacking more than a bit of direction.  Short term individual goals in EVE aren’t exactly going to get me places and without a stable group of other players the game simply turns into a grind of mission running with some mining thrown in.


I have met one of my prior goals and now can fly a medium mining barge, The Retriever. I could not believe the lack of a tank on this mining barge.  My destroyer has more effective hit points than this barge.  Back when the other two guys were active, we had plans to setup some small-scale mining ops.  Three out of the four of us can fly a Retriever and the last member has trained up refining skills and can fly an industrial hauler. 


Unfortunately they are no longer focused on EVE, so I am left with no long-term, group focused goals to pursue.  I am still a few weeks away from entering level 4 missions, so I am in no rush to train up battle ships skills or large projectile turrets.  There are a few more side projects that I would like to clear up.  Eventually I need to train Science from four to five in order to get access to tractor beams for my salvage ship.  Additionally this will open up an entire new host of skills to focus on for both exploration and an entry point into Tech II production.


Eventually I do want to get into small scale PVP.  Faction warfare does seem a bit promising in this regard due to the size restriction on ships.  I could probably not farm up another ISK and loose a cruiser a day for the next three months before I would run out of cash. 


So many shiny things out there to fly and buy!  I just wish I had something to keep me a bit more focused and driven.


~ by Centuri on May 12, 2009.

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  1. You only need Science 4 for tractor beams, not 5. Granted, getting 5 is a BIG help, since it’s a pre-req for a ton of other things, but if you’ve got Science 4 you can already slap those tractors on.

    I feel your pain on the lack of focus – I got married last December and when I moved in with my wife I left my computer behind. I still “visit it” every Friday (and occasional evenings), but since I also play EQ2 as well as EVE, I don’t necessarily play much on those Fridays anymore. On the 1 hand it’s been nice training those week+ length skills that I didn’t want to train when I was playing more actively, but by the same token, there are definitely times when I feel like I’m not getting anywhere either.

    On the other hand, I can now fly all the T2 frig hulls for Amarr, Minmatar, and Caldari. I have all the small guns to T2 and all the gunnery support skills to at least 4. Missile supports are all at least 4 also, though I still haven’t made the jump to T2 missiles yet. I can fly Interdictors, I have the pre-reqs met for HAC and HIC, and I’m less than 2 weeks from both Recon and Logisitcs (not counting the 3 weeks needed to train one of the racial cruiser skills to 5).

    So apparently I actually *am* getting somewhere, but becuz I play so little, I can’t do anything with all these lovely skills.

    I will be getting my computer back in a couple of weeks though, so I may then start to play more evenings and maybe even a bit on Saturdays and Sundays too. If so, then perhaps I’ll start doing the “pew pew.” I read a lot of pirate blogs, and some of them sound like they’d be fun to hook up with sometime.

    But then, some of the 0.0 corps sound like they’d be fun too. who knows where this will all end up, no?

  2. Nice. I should be able to fit those tonight then and really speed up my looting. I wonder what the optimal setup is in terms of salvagers to tractors and if those salvaging improvement rigs are worth it…

    EVE is an odd game in that I look forward to not being able to logon for a few days and knock out a 5 day skill without having to stare at it slowly tick away. Not many games that you look forward to NOT playing.

  3. I found with an unrigged destroyer I liked having 4 tractors and 4 salvagers. When I moved up to a Hurricane as my salvager, I rigged it with salvage tackle, and find that I like to have a 5 tractor/3 salvager setup. Most everything salvages on the 1st cycle, so I like to have as many wrecks flying toward me as possible. I’ve even toyed with going to a 6/2 setup, but haven’t tried it.

    Someday I’ll even train Salvaging 5 and use the new T2 salvagers, but not yet 😉

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