Eve Releases Actual Subscriber Numbers

The Counsel of Stellar Management election results were announced the other day for EVE Online.  Congratulations to Dierdra Vaal of Eve University for clinching the top spot, but I am a bit more interested in the numbers included in the press release.  There was some speculation a few months back as to the number of subscribers that Eve has and whether it has surpassed Warhammer Online’s 300,000 announced subscribers.


“There were 27848 votes cast out of the number of eligible voters (i.e. older than 30 days and thus able to vote), amassing a turnout of 9.74%…”


Using basic algebra you can put the exact number of Eve accounts, greater than 30 days old, as exactly 285,913. 


“…the age going a bit up from the last election where the average age was 1.94 years. 44.6% of the voting accounts are veterans of two years or more whilst those veterans constitute 29% of the eligible voters.”


Taking this quote we can deduct that only 29% of all of the players in EVE have been playing for two years or more.  As much as EVE seems to try to stack the deck in favor of the established player over the newly entering ones, it appears that the game’s population is much younger than you would think.  Perhaps this is a product of burnout at the high end or maybe all of the game play improvements over the past few years have created this new player population boom.


“…95.5% versus 4.5% male – female ratio of the player base.”


Wow.  I know that internet spaceships may not be the most attractive game out there to try out given so many fantasy games and their elaborate games of dress up and communities, but I had no idea that the female population of EVE was that low.  This means that out of the 285,913 players only 12,866 are female.  Not sure what changes they can make to change EVE to be more attractive to the female population. 


Even more interesting to me was that nearly 47% of the player base hails from outside of Europe.  Possibly even more than that due to the 11% of the population listed simply as “other.”  38% of the EVE population is from the United States.  The next closed country is the United Kingdom which accounts for 12.5% of the subscribers.  For some reason I was always under the impression that the game was largely based out of Europe.


~ by Centuri on May 29, 2009.

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