First Maelstrom Lost


Perhaps it was the games way of telling me that I wasn’t quite ready to fly level four missions.  Maybe it was another lesson learned on why you should look over the mission summaries on the EVE survival page.  Either way my rigged Maelstrom battleship ended up as a twisted mass of wreckage due to a single warp-jamming frigate.


I had just completed a longer combat mission and was actually considering logging off for the evening, when I saw that the next mission offered was a very low reward amount of 200,000 Isk.  Thinking that this would be a simple retrieval mission with a bit of combat I flew out into the unknown.  Arriving at the mission pocket I found my target, another battleship sitting about 20k off of my bow.  With the other hostiles about twice that distance from me, I opened fire and brought the hostile battleship down in just a few minutes.  And then all hell broke loose.


Apparently killing that particular battleship was a trigger to spawn an entire new fleet of hostiles.  Also, unknown to me at the time, they appeared right where I happened to be flying.  I quickly started locking targets and heading towards the cargo contained dropped by the battleship.  Within moments I was webbed and warp scrambled and my shields were halfway down, but at least I had a target lock on the little frigate that had me tackled.  My drones did all that they could but with only four of them any my low drone support skills, they barely had the frigate into it’s armor as I started to loose structure.  I aligned to the station and spammed my warp-to button hoping that perhaps he would loose his death grip on my ship for just a moment for me to zip away.  Just before I exploded I managed to jettison all of the ammo in my hold to cut my losses.


Ding!  Mail received to the tune of a 140 million isk payment from the insurance company.  Adding up my losses I lost about 20 million in ship fittings and three capacitor control rigs valued around 14 million each.  I actually purchased the Maelstrom fully rigged for 150 million isk in the contract section.  A new one will cost me 127 million isk with another 45 million to rig it back up, haven’t even looked at the cost to refit everything…


With the sudden influx of cash I find myself with over 300 million in isk sitting in my wallet.  Clearly I can afford to go out and simply purchase another setup and start plugging away at level four missions again.  But with level fours taking so long to complete at my low skill level, I am content to logon a run a few level threes while I spend the next month training to increase my skill with drones and fit tech II projectile turrets.


My little corp of four members continues to be largely inactive.  I had hoped that as the newness of Ulduar wore off they would be spending more time in New Eden and less time in Northrend.  There are some other options I can explore with a large bankroll and tons of time to kill.  Faction warfare is certainly an option.  As would signing up with a PVP corp that runs cruiser operations.  So many options…


~ by Centuri on June 4, 2009.

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  1. Ouch! Sorry to hear about the loss. Had a corpmate of mine lose a rigged Rokh once in the same way. On the bright side, you got your Mael on the cheap with that contract, so it’s good that you didn’t lose *too* much after insurance.

    If we’re ever on at the same time, I’d be happy to come mission with you — I have a Raven in Gelfiven and a jump clone 2 jumps from there in Gulfonodi, so I can bip over any time. No one in my corp ever seems to be on the same time as me anymore either.

    Character name is Boaz Netopalis.

  2. I think that I am going to hold off on level fours for a bit. Just a bit out of my reach with my current skills. So frustrating to know that in another month most of the hostiles will be blowing up two to three times quicker.

    It was probably a blessing in disguise as now I have a large amount of cash reserves. Thats a lot of T1 cruisers to have shot out from under me in FW.

  3. Very good point! Cruisers are way cheaper, though rumor is that gank-setup frigates and destroyers are the preferred FW stuff. I haven’t done any of it, so I don’t from experience, though.

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