Ongoing Adventures in Azeroth

My shameful secret is that over the past few weeks I have been playing WoW.  It all started when an old guild member of mine requested my account information so that she could reactivate the account and transfer my shaman to Mal’Ganis so that she could raid as a shaman and check that out.  Whether that was a clever ruse to get me to start logging in or just curiosity on her part is still out with the jury.  Regardless of her intentions the fact remains that I am once again running around Azeroth.


Mal’Ganis is certainly a bustling hive of constant activity compared to low population Azshara.  Everything from the towns to the auction house just appears to be busting at the seams.  Though I have been logging in on an almost daily basis, my activities in game are rather curtailed and I spend lots of time feeling very bored.


First off the guild that she moved me to is the Order of the Blue Garter.  This guild traces it’s roots back to Final Fantasy Online (FFXI) as its guild forums became the defacto home for end game discussion and cross server drama sessions.  Before there was Elitist Jerks there was Blue Garter.  Now the guild is a shell of its former selves.  Not all of the long time players from FFXI made the switch to WoW.  Also over time there has been some attrition amongst the ranks.  Overall the guild has a very relaxed feeling as they keep to a regular raiding schedule, while maintaining it in a very casual atmosphere.  The players have shown themselves to be extremely skillful in the runs that I have done with them.


My personal history with Blue Garter started back on Azshara.  When I first installed the game several years ago and logged in I chose the new PVP realm Azshara based on the fact that BG would be playing there.  BG went from obscurity in pre-TBC days to become the top and only Black Temple raiding guild on the server.  Eventually recruitment was just too difficult for them on a low population server and they all packed up and moved to Mal’Ganis.


It is rather exciting and intimidating to be in the same guild as many of the top players from Azshara’s past.  Unfortunately my friend, who reactivated my account, hasn’t really been on that much the past few weeks and I have been more or less left on my own.  She also neglected to bring any of my small fortune with me and dropped me off on this new server with only 300g in my pocket.


Over the past two weeks I have turned this 300g into over 6000g in gold on the auction house.  I could easily keep going or had tried a bit harder to make more profit, but with 6000g I am more or less set for any of my immediate needs, having already purchased my epic flyer and dual spec.  Also with me not currently raiding there are no consumables and repair bills to worry about.


This has left me with a lot of time to work on the more mundane tasks in WoW that I neglected in my sprint to 80 and fast paced raiding life on Azshara.  Therefore I have been working on the cooking and fishing dailies to get those skills up, while running the occasional heroic five-man dungeon.


I don’t know how long my stint in Azeroth will last.  BG is planning on reforming up for the upcoming title Final Fantasy XIV, which will be the second Final Fantasy Online game to come out, and I do want to be on board for that. 

Many things about the game still annoy me.  The PVP in the battleground pales in comparison to the lower tier RvR of Warhammer, but it doesn’t have massive lag and abilities generally work as intended.  The Argent Tournament seems to be a very poorly disguised massive time sink.  The new battleground being released is apparently going to be 40 vs. 40 but entail vehicle on vehicle combat. 


When did I sign up for World of MarioKartCraft?


~ by Centuri on June 11, 2009.

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