Grand Theft Hulk

Much of what non-EVE players hear about in regards to EVE is the scamming and deception that takes place.  Like some kind of space soap opera, lies and trickery will earn your internet space fame much faster than charity and goodwill towards your fellow man.  In that light I present to you the following story as told to me by my corporation mate who witnessed the following.


Driz, the CEO of our four-member corporation, was out mining in his Retriever when a Hulk pulled up along side of him.  The Hulk, being a mining behemoth, is currently the ship that Driz is training up to fly and for nearly an hour they both silently grazed on the asteroids oblivious to the other.  Then the Hulk pilot sends a conversation request to Driz asking him if he wanted to join together in a fleet to share the mining gang bonuses that the Hulk pilot could offer.


Another thirty minutes go by and they engage in idle chat about ore prices and mining ship fittings.  Then the Hulk pilot wants to bring his ore back to the nearby station.  Unlike a sensible pilot who would simply bookmark the location and warp back in a hauler, this would-be-industrialist abandons his ship in the asteroid belt and zipped away in his escape pod.  Driz was taken aback by this action, as once you leave your ship in this manner anyone else with the skills to fly it can simply enter into an escape capsule of their own and go into the ship and seize control.


A minute later the Hulk pilot pulled up along side of Driz and the empty hulk and began to empty the ore into his hauler.  Slowly the industrial hauler turns and aligns with the station and warps away.  Another minute goes by and the pilot comes warping back into view and begins to dump to ore into his hauler.  At this point Driz can’t help but notice that another player in a pod just warped to them in the belt and is closing in on the Hulk.  The Hulk pilot however, seems oblivious to this, as he takes no action.


In one moment of pure win the Hulk of this guy now belongs to someone else as the pilot enters the Hulk and claims it for his own.  For the next thirty minutes the Hulk thief taunts the Hulk pilot in local, much to the amusement of everyone in the system.  Such an opportunist!


~ by Centuri on June 25, 2009.

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  1. I’m stunned he didn’t do as you said and make a bookmark. Leaving an empty ship anywhere but a deep safe is *begging* to have it stolen.

    Great story!

  2. A hard learned lesson, but one I bet the Hulk pilot remembers!

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