Destination Corporation

Well I have cut back on my EVE time a bit to allow me to get over this skill training hump.  I still have 35 days left on my journey to tech II large turrets.  Hopefully they will be worth the time investment to get there.  Along the way I will also gain the ability to equip small and medium tech II projectile turrets, which should help me out in both PVP (one day) and smaller PVE.


My corp is also seeing a lull in activity.  It is really down to just me and one other guy.  He spends most of his time mining, but does have a mission running alt account with some decent drone skills and a cruiser.  It certainly passes the time a bit better while running level four missions to have someone there, let alone the time it saves when he fits a salvager to his cruiser and snipes with his guns while using his drones to take out the smaller frigates. 


We are discussing some other options for the corp and are looking into setting up a high-sec POS in preparation for establishing a low-sec base of operations.  Another member of the corporation is training for freighters and plans on going all the way to jump freighters.  Our plan is to eventually establish a base of operations someplace secure in high security that is within jump range of an off the path low sec system.  We would then jump a small mining fleet into the deserted area and mine and rat unmolested. 


Cost concerns aside, we ideally want to setup a small POS in this back end low sec system with a refining array and then jump the refined ore out.  If any hostiles enter the system, we can simply retreat to the safety of the POS shield.  I still have a ton of research to do on POS operation and requirements before we start making purchases.  I really wonder how safe Low-sec POS generally are.  I doubt there are roving gangs of battleships scanning down player owned structures just to put them into reinforced and then come back hours later to actually take them out.  But you never know…


Certainly with only a four-man corporation our little operation would not draw too much attention to ourselves.  And as long as we choose a low-sec system far enough off the main travel pipelines, but within a few jumps from high-sec empire, we should have minimal harassment.  At least, that is the theory.


The only other facet that we are looking into is wormhole exploration.  It is more risky than the low-sec mining and POS deployment.  And I am not even sure if three players only willing to risk Retrievers and tech one cruisers would even be able to make such a venture profitable.  Our basic plan for this is for my corpmate to leave one of his spare accounts out on the safe side of the wormhole, while we both go inside.  Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find many sites for detailed information about what to expect in a wormhole area or what resources you should be equipped to gather.  All information sources do seem to point out that you should all equip a probe launcher onto your ship and be prepared to find another route home.


On a positive note, I now have four faction guns fitted onto my Maelstrom.   I am not sure but I think if I buy one more from the Brutor Tribe that I get a free faction toaster with my next purchase!  This brings the market value of my ship plus fittings up to about 450 million isk.  I don’t quite think that my insurance payout of 150 million isk will quite cover that loss. 


Perhaps by the time I am done with the training plan I will have a full set of 8 faction guns.  Then comes the decision to sell those off and switch out to the much cheaper but comparable tech II variants.  All in good time…All in good time…


~ by Centuri on July 2, 2009.

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  1. You’ve got more patience than I do on the T2 guns. I’m still working support skills and want to “finish” them before doing the long burn for the T2’s.

    That said, I *can* use all the small T2 guns. Only have medium and larges to 3’s across the board, though. Since I primarily fly missile ships, it’s kinda hard to justify the time investment for the guns, ya know?

    Glad to see it’s not too terribly far off for you to get them, though.

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