What You Make of It


Real Minmatar ships use more glue.

Real Minmatar ships use more glue.


As a child I was always rather restricted when it came to playing with Legos.  I would buy the sets from the store and carefully assemble them according to the fifty-step assembly instructions and have a new toy to play with.  Rarely would I deviate from the intended use of the sets and generally once I had assembled a given vehicle or whatever, it would remain in its assembled state on some shelf collecting dust.


This was in stark contrast to my younger brother, who would occasionally procure and assimilate my carefully collected and assembled sets into his all-encompassing blue bucket of assorted blocks.  Whereas I was the careful assembler and viewed each piece merely as a component in a larger pre-designated creation, he was the freethinker of the Lego world.  His pieces would just go into a large blue plastic container, which he would then assemble as he saw fit.  Limited only by his imagination you would think his assembled machinations would surpass mine in both quantity and quality.


Well to me at least, you would have thought wrong.  To my eye I never saw the ships, vehicles and landscapes that he did.  I saw a jumble of mismatched colors and shapes all mashed together in a crude manner.  But to him, my carefully assembled sets were just as unappealing.  He would view my pristine pirate ship and see hundreds of possibilities for creativity and fun.  I saw a pirate ship that was fun to assemble and now had a spot on the shelf collecting dust.  The fun for me was in following the instructions and building the thing-on-the-box and amassing a collection.  The fun for him was in creating his own things then tearing them apart to start all over.


I mention all of this because I have turned my younger brother onto the world of EVE Online.  He sent me a text message nearly a week ago asking me which WoW server I was on, as he was planning on giving it a trial run.  A few minutes on the phone and I had sold him on EVE as the game of choice.  Unfortunately, our play schedules are somewhat different.  I usually am logging off for the night just as he is getting home from work, so joint ventures are a bit out of the question. 


When I first started EVE I spent several days researching skill training templates and reading up on various topics of interest.  I went into the game with a plan and new things like how important it is to study learning skills early and other such tidbits.  My younger brother went into the matter rather blind.  I finally caught up with him last night on the phone after him playing for several days on his own.


First he was amazed at the lack of PVP in my evening activities.  Apparently, he joined up with some new player corporation right out of the rookie help channel and getting popped in frigates while poking around in low-sec space is what they specialize in.  He was vaguely interested in running missions and was more interested in a specializing in covert-ops frigates and fighting other players.  I pointed out to him about the learning skills he should be training and was shocked to hear that no one had explained all of this to him.  I strongly suggested to him that he should check out the Eve University website and listen to some of the recorded classes as well as join their in game help channel.


I tried to explain to him that running out into low-sec and getting shot up was no way to play.  But, the great thing about EVE is that his way of playing is just as correct as mine.  While I am slowly kitting out my battleship in faction modules from running level four missions, I have no intention of ever placing this ship in harms way in PVP. 


In my brother’s eyes my battleship now is just like my pirate ship back then.  Simply on the shelf collecting dust fulfilling some alien purpose.  An entire assembly of fun and excitement that his older brother simply doesn’t know how to have fun with.


~ by Centuri on July 7, 2009.

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  1. Classic older/young sibling roles by the way! The older child tends to be conservative and likes things to stay as they are while the younger child tends to be disruptive and likes change. (Especially change that brings the older sibling down.)

  2. Well it mostly got me thinking about how different players approach a game like EVE and how there is room for us all. Whereas, if we were playing WoW together he would likely have to power-level a character to 80 if he wanted to do anything besides solo quest and possibly run a few 5 mans.

  3. I’m more doing what you are — missions, kitting out a BS to be “best” but which will never ever ever see pvp.

    I have bought some frigs that I intend to do some lowsec roaming with, though. And someday I’m really gonna do it. Really. Someday.

    Stop laughing! I really am! 😉

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