How Much Exactly??!!

To the market we go!

To the market we go!

Eighty two million, two hundred and sixty six thousand and seven hundred and eighty five Isk.  Yes that is correct.  82,266,785 Isk in the market value of what I just brought out of my second wormhole trip.  Total time spent scanning it down and mapping it out and farming the easy spawns was about 2.5 hours.  That is insane to me.  How come more people aren’t farming these things out?


~ by Centuri on July 9, 2009.

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  1. Corpmate of mine recently jumped into a wormhole while on his lunch hour, killed a few sleepers, got in a fight with someone in the local POS, eventually got away from that and out. Total time in system about an hour… and he said he made about 93 million isk off the sleeper stuff he sold.

    Between your blog and my corpmate’s experiences, I’m definitely up for trying WH’s.

    I’ve got my scanning skills up to an acceptable level now, I can hack, and I’ll be able to do archaeology in another 2 days. Time to find me some wormholes to visit!

  2. The goldmine is a salvage part called Neurovisual Input Matrix. They sell for 6.5-10 million each accross the various regions. The drop rate seems rather random and I have gotten up to three from a single Sleeper frigate wreck and have cleared entire combat sites (10-12 ships) without getting any. With the 11 I brought back from my first trip and the 10 I brought back from the most recent trip it seems that you can count on about 3-4 per hour.

    None of the other Sleeper loot/salvage seems to be that valuable, but I am only doing combat sites in class one wormholes.

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