No Guts No Isk

 I had one more successful wormhole trip this past Sunday after having spent all of Saturday evening scanning for an unoccupied class one wormhole and not having any luck.  Saturday night I went my usual route through out of the way high security Minmatar space looking for suitable locations. 


By the time I made a giant circle I had only found a class two that some Russians had assembled a POS in, with no ships showing up on directional scanners and had located a class one that a small battle cruiser gang had already laid claim too.  They were a nice enough group and didn’t even target my scanning frigate as I popped into existence right in front of them and made a dash for the nearest moon.  A minute later I warped back to the exit wormhole and they were still simply hanging out in that proximity but again paid me no mind. 


With this path yielding no results, I set out for another rarely traveled section of space in the Ammatar Mandate.  I am told that this region has a large number of high security systems, but is only really used for mission runners looking to rebuild bad reputation with the Amarr faction.  Well I went 10 jumps in until the security status started to go below 0.7 before I turned around and went home to logout.  The exploration in this section of space was not that great, but its low population systems should ensure some worry free wormhole exploration.


Sunday morning like clockwork I located a suitable wormhole just a few jumps out from my base of operations in Balginia.  This wormhole was not there the night before, and my hopes were high that it was undiscovered.  Sure enough the probes uncovered well over a dozen combat sites right off of the bat. 


While keeping the direction scanner open I cleared out an entire site.  It was called a Perimeter Ambush Site and it was no problem in my newly outfitted anti-sleeper Hurricane.  This site had an initial spawn of three frigates and a cruiser.  The cruiser was the trigger and it spawned a second wave of two cruisers and a frigate, and then there was a final wave of two sniper cruisers (50km) and two close range cruisers.  I was able to clear all three of these waves in the wormhole before I started running low on ammunition after nearly two hours inside. 


During the course of the Sleeper clearing, I noticed that another Hurricane had stuck his head into my little farming area.  I continually refreshed the directional scanner every thirty seconds or so to watch for scanning probes that would indicate an imminent attack.  This attack would never come, but the Hurricane seemed to appear and reappear on the directional scanner several times over the next 10 minutes or so. 


Immediately I realized that he was jumping in and out of the wormhole to use up the total allowable mass and seal off that exit as some sort of a griefing tactic.  I had never even considered the idea of collapsing a wormhole exit to spite the person or persons inside.  This particular hole was very well populated with combat sites and there was more than enough room two solo players in the dozen or so locations.  Clearly he wasn’t interested in sharing and felt justified in this behavior.  So I was faced with my first time of having to scan a way out from wormhole space.  It took me about 10 minutes to scan down another wormhole in this system and I quickly warped to it’s location.  It said it lead to high security space, which was good enough for me.  As I tried to go through it I learned that my ship was over the mass requirement, thus I had to offline my 1600mm armor plates to shimmy through.  No problem as I was entering high security.


I jumped through and found myself knee deep in Amarr territory.  At this point I was quite relieved that I slowed down my level four mission running, as my Amarr faction standings have dropped to nearly –4.  I have been told that –5 is when they actually start shooting at you.  I set my autopilot back to my home system and left the computer for about an hour as I did the slow 20-jump trek back home.


Net sales for this trip were just under 80 million Isk.  Only losses were four small scout drones and 7000 round of EMP Medium ammunition.


~ by Centuri on July 13, 2009.

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