Militia Enlistment

Minmatar Militia in Hot Pursuit.

Minmatar Militia in Hot Pursuit.


Faction Warfare is not quite what I expected.  However, now that I think about it I am not sure what I expected it to really be like.  The docking games, gate camps and tactical maneuvering is so foreign to me and I am very content simply being a cog in the wheel as I trade cheap cruiser hulls for PVP combat experience.


It all started when the CEO of my corporation was online on Friday evening and mentioned that he wanted to bring the corporation into the militia.  At first I was a bit put off by the idea, as my wormhole trips sometimes place me deep in Amarr space and having to fly a lumbering battle cruiser through a dozen or so jumps of hostile areas taking fire from the Amarr Navy as well as being a free target for any Amarr Militia members in the area, all while carrying tens of millions of Isk worth of cargo was not particularly appealing.


As we talked about whether to join the militia or not I began to consider what I was doing within the game and where I was going.  Clearly wormhole expeditions and level four missions allow for a massive amount of low risk wealth accumulation.  But what good is this wealth if you don’t spend it on anything?  Thus I gave my consent and started stocking up on tech one cruiser hulls to outfit with the large supply of mission drops I have been saving up for some time.


For the record, I have about 3000m3 of useful modules and ammunition stockpiled at my base of operations.  Selling off massive amount of mission loot just became too bothersome, thus I started collecting for just such an occasion.  Thus my small PVP fleet was born and I had two Ruptures, a Stabber, a Bellicose, two Rifters and a Thrasher all outfitted, insured and ready for action.


Saturday afternoon I joined up with a medium sized “plex” group for my first taste of PVP.  I was a bit disappointed with the complete lack of any PVP and largely this night was a bit of a let down in that regard.  I am holding off on my final judgement on plexes until I run them a few more times.  I just feel that I am missing a piece of the puzzle.


Sunday afternoon things were really heating up.  The Amarrians were running a fleet about twice our size in and around the Amamake corridor.  We were mostly in cruiser hulls and only numbered about 15-20 at any given point.  The Amarr fleet was about 25 and had a few battle cruisers and had more tech II hulls than we did.  Thus we went on a small roaming trip always staying two to three jumps ahead of the Amarr fleet at our rear.  Our rear scout kept us appraised of the main enemy fleet whereabouts as we prowled for smaller targets of opportunity.


Opportunity came knocking and our forward scout managed to get point on a war target assault frigate. We jumped into the next system and rushed to his aid and took out his ship.  It was my first time in on a kill mail in EVE that wasn’t a loss of my own ship.  Unfortunately he was never in range of my weaponry, but I was able to tag him with both of my Bellicose’s target painters for some increased damage from the fleet.


We also had a small encounter with various pirate gangs.  At one point a gang of 5 command ships all with negative security status warped to our gate camp and just sat at 10km off of the gate.  No one reported being targeted but soon a few members began to come under fire.  Passive targets do seem to have a use after all.  I think they managed to kill someone’s destroyer, but the rest of us jumped into the next system.


Our luck soon ran out as we gate camped another nearby system.  The rear scout reported that the enemy fleet was approaching the other side of the gate we were camping and were jumping on contact.  The fleet commander called two primary targets as my overview began to scream with blinking red flashy targets.  One of our ships went down and so did one of theirs.  Then the rest of the Amarrian fleet jumped through and we were easily outmatched in numbers and ship size.  The fleet commander gave the command to scatter and get safe. 


I was not so lucky and was tackled by a war target and gave up my first cruiser for the militia.  The net loss was very little considering most of the fittings were mission drops.  Insurance covered the cost of a new ship so no loss there either.  I do need to take some time to move the spare ships closer to Amamake.  Having to jump seven systems to get a new ship and then get back into the action just takes too long. 


Overall the decision has been somewhat positive.  Flying in the militia certainly fulfills the Massively Multiplayer requirement that my mission running and exploration activity lacks.


~ by Centuri on July 20, 2009.

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