Fleet Jump.Fleet Jump.Fleet Jump.

Another week and I am now down a total of four ships and have been in on five kill mails.  I think if there is one thing I would not have understood about EVE PVP until I had actually heavily participated in it was the large investment of time that goes into a good kill.  Baited traps, gate camps, and roams all have their own little nuances that separate the good fleet commanders from the bad.  Sadly most of the better fleet engagements that I have been a part of have been versus pirate corporations and not faction warfare navies.


I can see why people call faction warfare “blob warfare.”  In many cases one side will simply sit and wait until they have a fleet of superior numbers and ship types and then descend into the system, which sends their enemies fleeing.  Possibly the blob might grab a kill or two of the stragglers and usually they settle into a system and setup gate camps to catch the unsuspecting.  But again this is more akin to ganking than actual PVP, as anyone slow or foolish enough to be caught is soon swarmed by a massive opposing force and taken down with little chance to fight back.


Which is what leads into my main problem with the entire system as it is now.  There is so little actual PVP.  If we are out and about in a 12 man gang of cruisers, the enemy hides until they have a 20 man group with several battle cruisers.  If we are sitting on a gate in a 20 man frigate gang, then they jump a bait ship into our gate camp then jump a large force in once we are all aggressed.  Fleet skirmishes are usually over in less than 30 seconds as one side cuts tail and runs.  The victors get point (warp scramble/disrupt) as many as possible and volley down anyone caught. 


I find the fleet commanders overly cautious, and the game play suffers because of it.  Surely no one likes to loose and internet spaceships is serious business, but the monetary impact of loosing one of these tech I ships is a drop in the bucket for anyone but the newest player.  Perhaps even budding PVP players in these faction warfare corps are caring more about efficiency ratings than PEW-PEW.  Sad indeed.


~ by Centuri on July 24, 2009.

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  1. Success in warfare, surely, depends on superiority.

    Superiority of numbers; superiority of position; superiority of tactics.

    You appear to be aggressing/being aggressed with the first two (blobs; gatecamps) and feel to need for the third.

    Perhaps you (or someone you know) needs to do some practice runs of “New and Radical” tactics — perhaps even work out a strategy that *depends* on being out-numbered, and “cuts tail and runs”, but can then turn the tile and defeat the foe. (After all, this is the basic scenario in many NPC mission set-ups)

    Just a thought

  2. Very good points and I do plan on fleet commanding some guerilla style operations eventually once I figure out which way is up and down in all of this. You can look at the success of groups like Star Fraction and see that there are groups that reject this “traditional” style of play. I don’t feel that sitting in a 20-man gate camp is fun for either the 20 players in the camp or the handful of enemies they manage to kill.

    I am simply too new and inexperienced at EVE PVP at the moment to do much beyond listen and learn. Attacking with superior numbers, ship size, and tactics is one thing, but most fleet commanders that I have flown with will only engage when they have all three.

    In a way, FW has simply emulated PVP of the 0.0 areas with all of the limitations of Empire space, much to its own loss. Whereas 0.0 wars have POS’s to save and resources to fight over, we have nothing in FW to take from the enemy that will force them to come out and fight. Perhaps the changes in the next patch will do more to encourage contesting complexes and spur out a defensive response.

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