Carriers on the Field

Last night saw another large fleet action for the Minmatar Militia.  This time it was against a pirate corporation in the Auga system, who had setup a little trap in an asteroid belt.  They had two Drakes, a Myrmidon, several HAC’s and a number of frigates.  All in all they numbered about ten pilots and they were itching for a fight with the large blob of militia members who were using the Auga system as a staging area.


A member of Star Fraction was present in the fleet and he informed us that he was familiar with this pirate group.  It was known to him from prior dealings that they setup these traps and then drop cyno beacons to hot drop in capital ships.  According to this player, this pirate alliance could field over 20 capital pilots should the need arise.  Luckily our fleet commander, who was just extolling on the advantages of playing EVE in the nude, was up for the fight.  I believe his actual words were, “Put word out in militia. Get everyone here.  Carrier kill mails are dead sexy.”


The militia fleet began to swell in ranks and was now up to forty something pilots.  We waited another few minutes for people to get into system.  Then we all aligned to the belt and the fleet commander jumped the entire fleet into the belt at once.  Primaries and secondary targets were called.  Drones soon lit up my overview as they began to tear through my puny destroyer’s shields with the help of a not so friendly pirate cruiser.  I was only able to let loose three salvos of artillery until I was swept from the field.  The cyno-frigate of the pirates was popped, hopefully cutting off their line of reinforcements.


I aligned for the Amamake gate and made bet speed for my cache of ships just one jump into high security.  As I burned for the gate I heard the fleet commanders and wing commanders really coming into form.  Our carrier (yes the miltia does bring carriers from time to time) was on the field and they had jumped in two as well.  The battle continued on for several minutes as soon everything of ours less than cruiser sized was taken out of the battle.


Jumping into a gank fit Rupture (try not to laugh it sort of works, I think.)  I burned back to the fray.  Now the fleet was up to 50 members as more and more people from the militia channel wanted in.  I arrived back on the grid by warping right next to one of our carrier pilots.  The field was littered with wrecks.  Both enemy carriers remained as well as the two drakes and a vagabond.  On our side we also had our carrier and a handful of battleships, several battle cruisers and cruisers still flying.


The primary was apparently the Drake, who was being triaged by one of the carriers.  We continued to focus on the Drake, whom had one of our carriers webbed, until he was eventually taken out by sheer brute DPS.  Only after the fight did we learn that the Drake had tanked over 450,000 points of damage throughout the engagement.  Once the Drake was down the fleet commander ordered the carriers off of the field and then the rest of the fleet followed after the capitals had made it safely back to station.


Numerous “GF”(Good Fight) were seen in local chat and I can only hope that everyone enjoyed the fight as much as I had.  We took about 5 minutes to better organize ourselves to form back up for our second attack.  But the enemy carriers left the belt and went to one of the stations.  Seizing the opportunity we pounced again and our fast tacklers managed to grab a battle cruiser before he could warp out of the belt.  He was soon brought down, which left us holding the field to loot and salvage the wrecks.  Most of the loot belonging to our own side was returned to its rightful owners. 


The enemy fleet in this engagement certainly tallied up quite a few kills as well.  By the kill board count we lost six frigates, three destroyers, six cruisers, two battle cruisers, and a battleship.  Our enemies only lost one frigate, and three battle cruisers.  You also have to consider the loss of fighters belonging to the pirate carriers.  One of our fleet members later confessed that he was not following the primary targets as they were called, but was instead killing the fighters from the carriers.  He claimed to have taken out six of them and that they had a price tag of 18 million Isk.  At the end of the day we held the field, which allowed us to loot and salvage the wrecks for some partial recovery of our losses.


It was a good night for me, as it was my first fleet engagement involving deployed capital ships.  Sadly, once again the good fight was brought not by the opposing militia forces, but from a pirate corporation out looking for a good time.


~ by Centuri on July 28, 2009.

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  1. Sounds like a fun couple of fights. I gotta join me a pvp corp or something. I just play so little, I feel like I wouldn’t be able to contribute much 😦

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