Out Pirating Pirates

We had a couple of interesting kills yesterday on the militia warfront.  It turned into another night of little organized faction opposition and thus our efforts were focused on the pirates that frequent the immediate Amamake area.  

The first kill that I was involved in involved a three-member pirate gate camp that was setup in Amamake itself.  It was not on the Ossugur gate but was on another gate in the system that opened up into high security space.  All three of the pirates were negative enough standing that they were considered outlaws.  We placed the entire 30 man fleet in a neighboring system, while two battleships of ours jumped in and warped separately to 20km off of the gate. 

The bait ships then made it a point to slowly approach the gate at normal speeds and give the impression that they were two foolish players on autopilot through low security space.  After about 30 seconds of being targeted by the pirates, the pirates finally took the bait and opened fire on a well-tanked bait ship.  The fleet jumped in and burned for the gate that was nearly 60 AU away.  One can only imagine what goes through a players’ head when he notices or notices that he failed to notice that local just went from 20 players to 50 within seconds of him attacking someone.

The interceptors called points on each of the three as the targeted bait ship was just starting to go into structure.  Already aligned for a safe spot, the bait ship pilot shrugged off the warp disruptor of the Phobos circling him as he had several warp core stabilizers equipped.  The fleet concentrated all fire on the Phobos and took him out within 30 seconds of arriving on the grid.  The two other pirate members were pinned down and unable to warp away. 

Rather than end up on the militia kill board they decided to stop shooting for long enough that they de-agress and jump back through the gate.  Concord made short work of them and we were able to loot and salvage their wrecks directly on the other side of the gate.  Being an outlaw does have its disadvantages.

My second kill of the evening was on an extremely well tanked Scorpion smart bomber that was on a suicide run.  He warped in at 200km off of a gate where we had about 20-30 pilots stationed.  He then warped in at 20 km off of the gate and the entire fleet targeted and engaged the red flashing pilot.  I can only assume he was trying to catch frigates and such in his massive smart bombing attack, but we kept him very well locked down with webs and multiple points.

He did manage to tank quite a bit of DPS and withstood the punishment of the entire fleet for several minutes before being brought down.  Cheers to him for the good try and he seemed quite happy to go boom.


~ by Centuri on July 30, 2009.

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  1. Geez, ACTIVE tank on that Scorp? He could have buffered it a lot better. Silly.

    I love how the pirates deagressed so they could jump into a concordokken. That’s hilarious!

    GJ on both kills.

  2. You wouldn’t be saying that if you had seen him. He tanked quite a bit of DPS. Once his shield tank broke and he was into armor he melted though.

    The concordokken was just hilarious. Some players care WAY too much about kill board ratings. I doubt they will be camping any gates leading to high sec any time soon.

  3. I saw how much dps he tanked on the killboard — a total of 61K EHP before he died.. If he’d had 4 LSE’s on instead of the booster, cap charger, and 2 sba’s, plus replaced his 2 shield booster rigs with extender rigs (keeping the kinetic resist one) he’d have had 177K EHP. FWIW, the extender rigs are the same price as the shield boost rigs, so it wouldn’t have changed his financial loss.

    That’s nearly triple what he was able to tank with an active tank, for the same price.

  4. Maybe it was a fitting issue. I imagine he wanted the cap charges to power the smart bombs on his disco ball.

  5. Well, with his active setup and the cap booster he still is dry in 1 minute 11 seconds using my skill set. I actually have perfect cap skills, so the all 5 wouldn’t be any different, though I don’t have perfect shield skills so the all 5’s EHP would probably be a bit higher.

    Going with the buffer setup he’d be dry in 50 seconds. Dropping 1 LSE for a cap booster still leaves him just shy of 155K EHP and allows 1:34 of capacitor.

    Ain’t EFT-warrioring fun? 😉

  6. Gah! No edit button. Forgot to add — can’t be a fitting issue. The buffer fit has over 200 cpu free and just under 5000 (yes, thousand) powergrid available. He just likes active tank, it would seem.

  7. Well I guess he just needs to get on EFT and fit his setups better. With 3 PDS II’s, I just assumed he was having powergrid issues and did not consider that he added them to just get their bonuses.

    Smart bombing fits always seem odd to me.

  8. Yeah, their range isn’t very high — really only seem to be useful in a utility high to kill orbiting drones, not as a primary weapon.

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