The Pincer

Friday night found me in a large Minmatar Militia fleet of 30+ members out looking for trouble.  Unfortunately, it seemed that word of our blob had worked their way through the Intel channels and targets of opportunity were few and far between.  The fleet commander tried a few different things to scare up some targets of opportunity, with no success. 

A new fleet commander took over about an hour into the operation and decided to shake things up.  He divided up the fleet into separate smaller groups and we all moved off on the separate assignments on various gates.  Each gate both into and out of the system was camped on both sides, while a sweeping group of two frigates and two battle cruisers were used as primary protagonists to force targets of opportunity to jump through the gates into our traps.  If any group got into trouble, the rest of the fleet could be there within a minute to assist.

 The system was completely camped both inside and out.  Anyone jumping out further into low security would run into 8-10 man gate camps with fast tacklers.  The battle cruiser group made slow loops throughout the system.  Small frigate gangs would try to get points on anyone inside the system that was flashy, and quickly chase anyone that got away to an outgoing gate to push them into one of the gate camps.  

My gate camp was the least active, and the targets that did come through were usually fast aligning frigates that our tacklers just couldn’t get points on fast enough.  We did manage to snag a war target cruiser that jumped in and several others that were destroyed before I could even obtain a weapons lock.  There was also an amusing moment where we had a pod webbed and scrammed, but were waiting on others to arrive and get a lock so as to have more players in on the pod kill mail.  The pod managed to creep back to the gate and jump through.  Doh!

Eventually the activity into and out of the system we were camping began to taper off.  Even the red flashing pirates of the area didn’t seem interested in playing with our fleet.  So the fleet commander broke camp and divided the fleet up into a main DPS squad consisting of cruisers and destroyers, and a second group composed of the battle cruisers, a battleship and the frigates. 

The cruiser group made a straight line for a gate several jumps away to cut off a smaller enemy fleet from escape that we had obtained some intel reports on.  The second group with the frigates took a much longer route to flush out the small frigate gang that was operating in those systems.  It turned out that this enemy gang was running some complexes that our group had to chase them out off.  Our frigate gang managed to snag a kill or two along the way, but generally the enemy players warped out of the complexes when they noticed that local had twenty or so opposing militia members entering the system. 

Perhaps if the enemy had been looking for a fight, as opposed to running complexes, they might have stuck around in those systems.  Of the 20 members of our flushing fleet, only about a dozen were in frigates and thus able to enter minor complexes.  The Amarrians could have simply camped the warp in point at the plex and forced our players to warp into a shooting gallery.  They would have had lag on their side as well as a tactical advantage. 

As it was the pincer movement worked fairly well.  The systems were cleared of active enemy war targets and their complex running was curtailed.  As they jumped into our camp they were not moving in unison and did not appear to be utilizing a forward scout.  I would think that our sweep was successful and they were making best speed back to Amarrian high security space.  Many of them were tackled by our group, but due to their small size their ships exploded very quickly.  Thus, I was not able to get in on any of the kills. 

Note to self: Fit a sensor booster with a scan resolution script.


~ by Centuri on August 4, 2009.

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