FW Shakeup

Dark Rising has left the Minmatar militia, which is concerning as in most of the larger fleets there were Dark Rising members present.  The loss not only means fewer pilots overall to fly with, but also the loss of a very organized force.  

Dark Rising ran complexes nightly to contest Amarr controlled systems deep into low security space.  They had a small carrier force to deploy along with a battle ship fleet stashed away in stations.  Not to even mention the cache of ships and modules that they were always willing to pass out to militia members for free or near cost will be missed by many independant players and corporations that operated in their corner of the conflict.  There will be some slack for other fleet commanders to pick up when it comes to running complexes. 

Even the Amarrians are having some adverse reaction to the tendency to blob.  Gunship Diplomacy announced that they too are moving out into O.O and out of faction warfare altogether.  They cite the reasons as an over tendency of both sides to blob and a lack of dynamic PVP. 

Interesting that both of these corps are pulling out now prior to the patch changes that are currently on the test server.  On one hand, faction warfare will soon be more rewarding and decent FW pilots should make enough loyalty points to bring faction modules to the market at a rate to support themselves without the need to take time off from the militia and earn Isk elsewhere. 

On the other hand, faction warfare could have a surge of new players and corporations entering the fray.  This would provide more targets for players on both sides.  But if these are players and corporations new to PVP and faction warfare, the odds of any experienced and competent fleet commanders enlisting along with them are low.  Thus it might just lead to larger and larger blobs and more 20 vs. 1 gate camp kills. 

I have always found the fleet commanders to be very open and accommodating to newer players and the Minmatar militia at large has always shown itself to be very accepting and willing to teach.  One would hope that this continues as larger organized corporations leave faction warfare and newer ones step up to take their place.  Everyone can contribute something, whether it’s just a small fast scout or a players first badly fit cruiser. 

Perhaps the pirates will rejoice as faction navies potentially swell in numbers.  Certainly more players entering low sec space can only be positive thing for them and their varied purposes.  The loyalty points system currently being tested should focus the faction navies against each other and push anti-pirate operations to the back of the fleet commanders’ agenda.

In many ways the greatest benefit of faction warfare is in teaching new players that loosing ships is just a part of life in New Eden and that low security space can be cautiously traversed with a controllable level of risk.  Never fly a ship you can’t afford to loose should be prominently displayed on Concord billboards across the galaxy.


~ by Centuri on August 5, 2009.

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