Reikoku Leaves Militia

Somewhat unnoticed, as there was no official announcement that I could find, Reikoku (RKK) has left the Minmatar Militia.  On a micro scale I don’t see them leaving having a large impact on my play time directly.  They always seemed more active in EU time zones, when the Amarr are usually most active as well.  Rarely did they invite players from the militia channel into their fleets, as they tended to run closed groups from just within their corporation. 

We were discussing the departure of RKK during a fleet operation yesterday and the general feelings amongst the members was that many hated to see them go, but were glad to see them leave.  Several members of the fleet reported RKK members firing on them in low security space, including one who lost a ship to them.  He even says he called out to them in both militia chat and the local channel stating that he was a fellow militia member, but the RKK players popped his ship anyway.  

RKK also brought some unwanted attention to the Minmatar militia from the larger 0.0 forces that still have an axe to grind.  There was this fleet battle that came about that shows the glaring problem.  In this battle a large capital fleet from the Northern Coiltion hotdropped onto a FW corp’s tower, as it was coming out of reinforced mode.  Several RKK carriers were lost in the engagement as well as a capital loss on the Amarrian side as well. 

Not to even mention that the vast majority of Faction Warfare pilots were never trained and equipped for POS warfare.  I am told that it was quite a fight to have been involved in, but still I think we can all safely say that FW would be best served without the O.O power blocs tossing in their lot on a regular basis. 

Perhaps the most startling change is the now rebalanced population numbers of the militias.  This chart that I shamelessly stole from shows the dramatic and sudden loss of these large player corporations from the faction warfare navies.

Red: Minmatar

Red: Minmatar


~ by Centuri on August 7, 2009.

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