Navy Issue Where?

There are a few times playing any kinds of game in which you experience a feeling of epic win.  From your first Free Cell victory to the time you finally figured out Minesweeper or finally beat Grandma at Gin (Maybe next year will be the year.), your gaming addiction was in full force.  MMO’s add to this feeling as your win can not only be over scripted encounters with computer controlled opponents, but also against non-scripted player opponents who set their own failure into motion and play right into your hands.  This is one such story. 

Very shiney

Very shiney


Our small rag-tag militia fleet was patrolling the space lanes into and out of the Auga system when advanced scouts on the intel channel reported an Apocalypse Navy Issue battleship along with a pair of Armaggedon battleships several jumps out from our current position.  With full Amarr Navy faction fittings, an Apoc. Navy Issue could easily approach a cost of hundreds and hundreds of million Isk.  The cost of this one ship was worth more than the combined cost of all of the ships currently being flown in our small gang. 

To say that we were a bit anxious to catch these guys would be an understatement.  A more accurate description is that we were foaming at the mouth like rabid dogs.  Reports continued to trickle in as their movement was tracked.  Three jumps out…now only two.  The fleet would need to set a trap.  This Amarrian trophy would be taken.  

Our location for the fight was the Kamela system.  The fleet commander correctly plotted their course based on several destinations, and all of them lead through Kamela.  A gate camp was setup on every gate in the system, except for the one that they would enter through.  We did not want to alarm the Amarrians after all. 

On the Kourmonen gate I was stationed along with several others.  A tackler and several cruisers were on the gate at 0.  Myself in a battle cruiser and an interceptor were 50km off of the gate in direct alignment to the gate that the battleship group would be flying out of.  Another ship was stationed 200km of off the gate as an on-grid warp-to point.  This would allow the slower ships, such as myself, the ability to warp to this player and then warp back to the gate at 0 to jump, or to jump to one of the faster tackling frigates should we catch one of them in our trap.

The trap is set. Now, we wait.

The trap is set. Now, we wait.

No doubt, the Amarrians suspected a trap as they jumped into the system and noticed 20 war targets in the system.  At this point, I want to point out that this small battleship gang was not flying with a scout.  This was a serious tactical error on their part.  I do not know if they were simply trying to link up with a large Amarr fleet somewhere ahead, or perhaps they were so over confident in their abilities that they felt one was not necessary.  

A scout on the incoming gate reported that the Navy Issue was in the system and aligning to a yet unknown destination.  Local chat showed us that another two war targets had jumped into the system.  These were the two Armageddon pilots, who held their cloak while the Apocalypse warped off towards the very gate I was stationed off of.  We knew that time was against us as surely any Amarr fleet within several jump range would come to the rescue.  

The Apoc. Navy Issue landed on the Kourmonen gate at 100km off and only 50km away from my Hurricane and the interceptor I was stationed with.  I kicked on my micro-warpdrive and blasted towards him as fast as the duct tape holding my ship together would allow.  In what seemed like the slowest 10 seconds of all time, the interceptor had closed the gap and had a point on the battleship before the large lumbering ship could align to a safe warp out point.  Local was silent as I was now within missile and drone range of the Apoc and opened up on him.  30km away.  25km away.  20km away and my 425mmII cannons open up into the Apoc’s shields.  The cruisers and frigate from the gate have now bounced off of our other pilot on the grid and warped to the interceptor.  More points are called and we all say a collective prayer to our various deities of choice that this pilot does not have warp core stabilizers equipped.

It was now a fight of seven versus one.  The Amarr pilot seems to take no action with his large turrets and instead tries to use his heavy neutralizer on the ships tackling him.  His armor repairer springs to life as his shields buckle and his armor tank takes over and shrugs off the fleets DPS.  His armor holds steady at 70-80% and finally one of the cruisers comes under fire from the apoc’s lasers.  Several more militia members land on the grid and join the fray. 


Artist Interpretation of Navy Apoc's Explosion

The pair of Armageddon battleships warps in next to their very expensive friend.  Points are called on those pilots as well, while primary DPS remains on the navy issue.  His armor continues to slowly melt away as now the entire fleet of 18 members is on the grid and focusing fire.  The fleet commander calls for ECM jams on the Armageddons to combat a possible remote repair gang setup.  His calls are not needed as the Navy Issue Apocalypse makes a very satisfying 823 MILLION-ISK explosion.  

The fleet then switches to one of the geddons and then the other, as they both follow their buddy into escape capsules.  The wrecks are looted and salvaged.  The faction drops from the Apocalypse were sent to cover the ship reimbursement program offered by the militia.  Perhaps sold back to the very pilot that lost them, in order to finance the construction of Matari ships.  There was much high-fiving in fleet chat and local after the fray.  The Amarr pilots certainly had more Isk than sense this day. 

Looking at the kills they were not flying a remote repairing tanking setup.  It was just three battleships out looking for targets of opportunity or perhaps lost or separated from a larger fleet with support ships that could have saved them.  Either way it was a very nice kill mail.  Now I just need to brush up on my Gin skills before Christmas…


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  1. Man, I love reading stories like this!

    Someday when I have more time in the evenings I’ll be able to join a pvp corp. Until then… I train, and wait, and train, and wait.

    But I will be telling stories like this myself someday!

    Congrats on the kills!

  2. Well if you have the standings check out Faction Warfare. You can pretty much hop on any evening and find a fleet. Everyone from tech I frigates to command and logistic ships are welcome in the fleets.

    I still can’t believe that these guys couldn’t scrounge up a scout.

  3. Also, you might want to mess with the comment settings on your own blog. It doesn’t want to let me sign in under worpress or anything besides a google account of some type.

  4. Settings changed. They were set to “only with blogger accounts” but I made it less restrictive. Didn’t realize I had it like that.

  5. no. YOU’RE shiney.

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