Hard Drive Archaeology

I formatted my hard drive last night from a computer I stopped using several years ago.  Like an old nemesis Final Fantasy VII was still loaded on the computer, taunting me for my lack of completion.  After I took up online games, I never really went back to single player games, but FF7 was supposed to be different.

Back when I was playing Final Fantasy Online I learned that never playing FF7 was some sort of a cardinal gaming sin.  At one point I would have expected to be quizzed on FF7 trivia prior to even being able to create a character in Final Fantasy Online.  So, once I learned of my transgression against the gaming gods I set off to correct this mistake and hence obtained a copy of FF7 for the PC. 

I really wish I could tell you something about the game other than that I never finished it.  All I remember is that I left off at some small min-game in the middle of this desert area in which the enemy would come up this twisted mountain path at you and you would have to spend money to buy various types of troops to fight them.  It was rather annoying and just struck me as a money sink, which seems rather pointless in a single player RPG.  They already gave you the $50, forcing them to grind for several hours just to complete some silly side quest mini-game really doesn’t accomplish anything does it?

Final Fantasy Online was also still on this hard drive, which was no surprise.  I was almost tempted to push enter and start it up just to listen to the music.  I considered going to the game’s website and signing up for a trial account just so that I could skip around as a Tarutaru again in their home city and take in the sites and sounds.  Then I remember that I would probably involve hours and hours of patching and updates and decided against it.  FFXI never really got the patching right compared to other online games.  You can go from a fresh install of WAR or WoW and be patched up and ready to go within an hour at most.  Even years ago a fresh install of FFXI was an overnight affair to get updated and get in game. 

Going to be out on vacation through August 23rd.  Fly safe. 


~ by Centuri on August 13, 2009.

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