So Many Toys, So Little Time…

Stepping back into EVE after seven days away was very refreshing.  Seeing that only a bit over a day was left on frigates V was even more so.  I am really not sure where to go with my training after I max out the racial frigate skill.  Each tech II frigate hull would need about 14-21 days of dedicated training to even be able to fly the hull, add on another week or so to fly them effectively.

For me, the assault frigate would just be a stepping-stone to flying a heavy assault cruiser.  One of my corp member pilots an AF exclusively in clearing complexes and exploration sites in high security space.  Unless they have a much bigger tank than I am aware of or amazing DPS, I don’t see myself flying them into a wormhole or out on PVP ops in faction warfare.  Certainly flying a bigger, stronger, faster, much more expensive Rifter has it’s uses for someone.

The covert ops selection of both the scout and the stealth bomber are very appealing.  If I go with the scout then I would train into hacking and archaeology and make the most out of low sec and null sec exploration sites.  In the safety of a cloaked ship I should be able to make profitable expeditions to scan down these sites.  The stealth bomber would just be a plaything for me at this point.  My corporation is “in” faction warfare but I am the only one participating at any level.  Without running small corp ops into wormholes our roams into low sec or npc 0.0, I don’t see myself climbing into a stealth bomber.  

Electronic attack frigates would be last on my priority list.  Is there even much use for a target-painting frigate anyway?  I am sure there is some amazing niche they fill that I am just not aware of.


~ by Centuri on August 24, 2009.

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  1. so nothing about being forced to place wow again huh?

  2. That is my little secret for the time being. I want to try the new BG a few more times as well as run the new 5 man.

  3. EAS’s are kinda gimped, in that they have the same capabilities of their race’s EW cruiser, but cost more and aren’t insurable. Pretty much everyone will tell you to simply use the cruiser.

    Stealth Bombers are considered quite good for 0.0 now. AF’s as a stepping stone to HACs are also good, plus AF’s are quite good in their own right, though admittedly still expensive and uninsurable. Covops ships are a lot of fun as scouts, though, as are interceptors which are pre-req for interdictors, unless you just want to go for a HIC, which oddly doesn’t have interdictors as a pre-req. Go figure.

  4. The only EAS that I have seen in use is the tracking disrupter model, whichever one that is… I can never keep the names straight.

    I have about 40,000 in missile skills, so the stealth bomber would be the biggest climb of them all. They just look like so much fun. It all seems moot since I need to find something to do that would actually require the use of these ships as other than interceptors, I don’t see myself flying them in standard FW fleets.

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