War Decs and the Militia

You would think that the War-Dec function and military service in the militia would go hand in hand.  PVP corporations could obtain war declarations on the larger player corps within the militia and thus give PVP players more opportunity to PVP.  Sadly, in actual function it works much differently.

Faction warfare allows for entire corporations to join and rejoin the militia with about a 24 hour waiting period to join and leave, at least that is my understanding.  Joining the militia provides you with two permanent war declarations against the opposing militias and prompts the opposing faction navies to shoot at you should you try to fly into or through their sovereign high security space.  Also, the recent changes to faction warfare rewards loyalty points to militia members for ship kills, a benefit not seen in other aspects of PVP yet. 

Militia membership therefore limits access to half of high security space for your pilots.  So how do you get the ability to PEW PEW at the militia pilots without joining the militia or taking a security status hit?  Well you bribe Concord to look the other way so you can declare war on the larger player held corporations in your opposition.  The only way to get unrestricted PVP against opposing militia players is to join the militia yourself and abide by the rules of engagement, which largely limit your operations to low security space and provides a bit of safety and reprieve for faction warfare players in their own faction’s high security space.

The problem that this creates is entirely because of game mechanics.  While Star Fraction may war-dec every Amarr faction warfare corp and the various supporting corporations that they can identify, they cannot declare war against the NPC held corporations that will make up the fast majority of beginner faction warfare pilots.  This creates situations where they engage an enemy fleet of 30 members, but can only shoot or be shot at by half of them.  Certainly this is frustrating for everyone involved.  Game mechanics do not allow you to interfere or become involved without repercussions with Concord sanctioned war. 

Apparently just because some force is shooting at half your fleet doesn’t mean that you get to shoot back.  And why would they limit the scope of their operations entirely to low security space by actually joining up with the militia?  These “para-milita” forces become the true guerillas of the campaign.  They are able to strike deep into high security space and disrupt the lives of faction warfare pilots in ways that normal militia opposition cannot. 

So what conclusions can we draw from this?  Militia membership is not beneficial enough to coax these players into joining.  The added benefit of loyalty points or other faction warfare specific rewards does not outweigh the ability to catch PVP players engaging in PVE deep in high security space.  Joining with the militia actually limits the scope of your gameplay as you are denyed access to large tracts of high security space.  Further, large NPC corporations present in the militia cause mass confusion for fleet commanders, who either overestimate their fleet size and composition against the opposition, as not every fleet member will be able to engage in combat.  This also creates confusion for newer players who may not understand why they are unable to return fire when an “enemy” fleet begins to shoot at fleet members.


~ by Centuri on August 31, 2009.

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