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When did wormholes become so damned popular?  I blame it on the increasing amount of information available via the blogging community.  The past four nights that I have gone out looking for a nice, unoccupied class one or two wormholes have been fruitless.  Yes I have been finding wormholes.  Yes, the wormholes were class one and two.  No, they are not unoccupied.

A typical example was the second wormhole that I found last night.  As I read the show info screen on the entranceway, it was marked as not having been disrupted due to ships passing through.  Thinking that after all these nights of endless searching I was now onto something profitable, I jumped through and bookmarked the wormhole exit that lead back into high security space.  I approached the wormhole and then finally started to orbit it at 1500 meters. 

Pulling up my directional scanner I only saw one drake battle cruiser on scan.  I think pulled up the Blue Sun one stop wormhole information shop web page in the in game browser and learned that this was indeed a class one wormhole with no anomalies.  My scan probes zipped off into the unknown and just a few seconds later I had bookmarked a dozen combat sites.  Indeed, the mothers load for a solo player looking for quick cash.  

If I could just secure a safe spot and keep an eye on this Drake I should be able to clear out a few sites tonight and a few more the next night, and then find a high security exit wormhole to sell the loot once my ammo starts to run low.  Checking the directional scanner again I saw scan probes out and about that were not my own.  Sisters of Eve scanning probe no less.  I was not entirely concerned as it was still 1v1 with my Hurricane and his Drake, and who the hell fits a warp disruptor on a wormhole exploration ship anyway…

As I scanned down some of the other anomalies, I continually checked my direction scanner and saw that the Sisters of Eve probes were put away and now combat scanner probes were out in the system.  These are the probes that are not used to scan down PVE sites, but used to scan down player ships and wrecks.  Now I had a cause for concern.  Drones out.  Damage Control II on.  I let out a big sigh as I now knew that this would not be the peaceful and quiet sleeper killing extravaganza that I had hoped it would be. 

Every 5-10 seconds I would refresh the directional scanner and saw that some of the probes were getting closer and closer.  The hunter was closing in.  Then just as fast as the probes were launched into space, they were all gone from the scanner overview, now replaced by a Rapier, Ferrox and a second Drake.  I knew they were coming for me as soon as I saw them appear in system.  They had not entered through my entrance, and there was no POS setup here in this system.  The wormhole must have another entrance letting these folks in. 

Moments later the Drake entered into my overview followed by the Rapier.  Attacking someone sitting on a wormhole is foolish, I thought to myself.  They can just jump back through at any time and take away your kill.  Probes recalled.  The Rapier began to back away from me while the Drake pulled up just 900 meters from my hull.  Both started to target me and launched drones, I returned the favor.  Neither side said anything in local.  Apparently these guys had laid claim to this system but didn’t bother to let anyone else know.  

Knowing what was coming and wanting to give these gents some type of a parting gift, I began to target the rather expensive tech II drones that were now blasting toward me.  The Drake achieved target lock and began firing.  I locked a Hobgoblin II and webbed it and ordered my drones in for the kill.  A smile began to creep across my face as I watched my five drones slowly pick away at the much faster and much much more expensive tech II variant.  The drone popped just as my shields were brought down to 60% from the combined firepower.  The Drake activates his warp disruptor and webs me.  These guys were not here for sleeper loot. 

Drones recalled.  I continued to orbit the wormhole at a slow speed, while the two attackers continued to wasted ammunition. How long would they keep up this charade…webbed and pointed just a mouse click from safety, why even bother… They might have had better results and certainly saved some ammo and their expensive drone if they had just told me to leave in local.  I believe that they too realized the futility of their attack.  As a third ship entered my overview from parts unknown and landed on the grid, my shields hit 30%.  I was not concerned.  My Hurricane is armor tanked. 

I was more annoyed than scared.  More irritated at another fruitless night than I was concerned about the incoming fire.  I jumped back through to high security space and reproached the wormhole.  It’s resources and bounties were denied to me by this hostile force. 

Fortunately, not all players you will meet in wormhole space are quite so hostile.  Many corporations do fly NBSI in what they consider to be their wormhole systems.  The more diplomatic ones will usually at least advertise this fact.  In a system I found earlier this week, I was shocked that four separate POS towers were showing up on the scanner.  Nearly a dozen ships were on scan in system.  And tucked away very neatly therein was a container floating in space with a “friendly” warning.  “This space is occupied by an NBSI corporation.  Speak up in local if you have any questions.”


~ by Centuri on September 4, 2009.

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  1. “Speak up in local” — nice joke!

    And yeah.. makes no sense that they’d attack you right on the wormhole like that, but… people are like that sometimes.

  2. At least they posted a warning. Many corps that openly advertise themselves as NRDS fly NBSI in w-space.

  3. It’s true that W-space has been getting more and more populated. I really miss the early days of going from system to system without ever seeing that telltale POS tower on your Dscan.

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