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I feel an overwhelming urge every time I log into EVE to see what else is out there.  As of right now, my range of play consists of faction warfare roams through the same dozen or so low security systems, the occasional wormhole solo sortie, and level four missions.  My economic activities from faction warfare salvage and plex-running loot is more than adequate to make up for the occasional cruiser and frigate loss.  Spending a few nights here and there running level four missions stuffs my bank account and fills my station container full of mission looted modules to fit to PVP ships. 

Sitting in Ossugur right now I have a mini armada of ships ready to go, everything from a remote rep Typhoon to a tackling Rifter. But what is it all for?  My four-man corporation continues to show no signs of improvement.  One player continues to struggle with level two mission running and talks about goals he has set for himself with skill training still months away.  The other player takes out his two Hulk pilots and mines away nightly.  And the third has a PVP alt that rarely sees anything besides DED space complexes and an alt account also with a Hulk pilot.  

Our efforts to recruit new interest from our old WoW guild in EVE have been markedly unsuccessful.  Corporation activities consist of two to three player organized group-mining activities, not including me of course, and waiting around another thirty days for someone’s Orca training to be complete.  I am fairly certain that the Orca will never leave high security space… 

Faction Warfare continues to trudge along.  The Amarr and Minmatar continue to play games of hide-and-ship-up.  The Heretics, who have war-dec’d many of the large Minmatar FW corps, continue to patrol the Amamake and Auga corridor.  There have been a number of exciting fights with them, even if only half of the fleet could engage the ‘Tics, as they are called in faction warfare chat.  They are able to field large and organized fleets and they have been employing RR BS fleets with large amounts of success. 

I would have to say that the militia as a whole continues to support the war against the ‘Tics and many otherwise law abiding citizens of New Eden accept the GCC and will fire on those that fire on our fleet members.  Somewhat related there are now regular organized low sec and O.O ratting fleets setup for players to regain their security status lost as they engage in the unconventional militia warfare favored by this new foe. 

Wormhole exploration has not gotten any better.  I think it is finally to the point where I need to join an organized worm hole corporation if I plan on entering the unknown reaches of space anytime soon.  There are simply too many pilots who are better equipped and organized to allow solo players unfettered access to the resources of worm hole space.  Not to say that I couldn’t occasionally find an unoccupied hole, just that the time it takes to scan them down makes level four missions much more profitable from an Isk per hour perspective. The fact that I fly solo does not bode well for PVP perspectives against the small gangs that I have encountered inside.

So the point of all of this self-discussion is that I feel that it is about time for me to move on.  Faction Warfare fleets are great places to learn fleet discipline and movement as well as PVP fittings and basic tactics.  But there is only so much that you can learn in such a revolving door volunteer organization.  My few corporation members seem to have no aspirations beyond life in Empire.  

I don’t know when I will move on or if I will even find an organization that offers what I am looking for in terms of a nice mix of both PVE and PVP.  For the time being I will start liquidating assets in my main mission running hub and will no longer be replacing PVP ship losses from my hangar.  I do have a plan to rapidly liquidate all of my PVP ships.  Just fit them all for ECM, that way I get called as primary very quickly.


~ by Centuri on September 9, 2009.

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  1. The recruitment section of the eve official forums has a lot of active corps recruiting. Sadly, it’s hard to separate the wheat from the chaff there, but there are some gems there.

    In many ways I’m the same as you — my corp is small and we don’t do much, almost never log in at the same time, etc. My IRL is kinda hectic right now, but once it settles down in a few weeks then I plan on moving on myself, trying to get into a 0.0/wormhole corp. But until then…… skills train.

  2. There are tons of corps that bill themselves out as wormhole corps that don’t seem all that impressive. I am not really interested in 0.0 until those new sov mechanics come into play.

    I hate to leave my corp members behind, but I am not sure on their level of interest in some more risky endeavors. Perhaps we just need to join an alliance or something and gain access to 0.0 or w-space….so much to look into.

  3. My corp’s problem is that we all talk a good game about wanting to pvp more and such, but we’re so rarely on at the same time to try a gang roam or anything and we don’t want to try solo pvp that much, so while we talk about it a lot we talk about it as being “eventually.”

    Meantime we run L4’s, AFK-mine, and let our skills train. TBH, I’m getting a bit bored with EVE as a result, which is why I want to switch to a more active corp. I know that’ll increase my interest again.

  4. I have been reading your blog for a while now, though I have never commented before. I can understand where you’re coming from in your EVE activities. I had joined up with a friend who started a corp in amarr space. we had a small crew of people, joined the militia, had some mining ops and occasionally did some worm hole space. Just as you are doing now. I slowly grew bored with it all and craved something new. I went back to my old corporation (where most of my friends have been at) and am having a blast. We’ve joined an alliance, have regular pvp roams and dabble in wormhole space to the point of having a pos in one. We have more than a few capital ship pilots of all varieties. Our alliance is planning a venture into 0.0 space in the near future, and there are plans set in motion that are slowly getting us ready for that.

    I’m not saying ditch your corp and come join mine, and I hate to sound like a recruiter because that’s not me. But you seem like a decent person from the blogs of yours I have read and I thought that I would extend the offer to you. Maybe consider talking with my alliance and possibly your corp could join in on all the fun we are having. We’re pretty active, with usually 40 to 60 people in the alliance on at a time and there’s always something to be doing with others in the Alliance. You can convo me in game if you’re interested or have questions.

  5. Thanks for the recommendation. I am still quite a few weeks away from making any move. Still have another 500-600 meta 3-4 modules to sell and another dozen ships to get blown up in PVP. There were just a couple of blobs dodging each other all weekend and I didn’t feel quite up for it.

    Putting the corp into a larger alliance is something to consider. I just hate to get dragged into in game politics. One thing I know for certain, I am not particularly interested in 0.0 sov until the changes get put in later this year.

  6. I have been in similar situations to this myself. I have been playing for about 4 years now and I have run a couple corps here and there. It sounds like we were a lot like your group. IE RL friends or friends from other games. We all started playing together but it turned out that we each had different desires within eve.

    I wouldn’t recommend bringing your corp into an alliance either. If you are not having fun or being productive on your own you are probably not going to be able to get into any decent alliance. Chances are you’ll wind up in an alliance that is just a larger version of your corp with the same problems. I suggest you decide on something you want to specialize in like pvp and find a good corp which also specializes in that activity and join. From there you can start luring your buddies into that corp with tales of your great victories!

  7. It is not that I/we aren’t being productive. I just found myself hitting the one billion isk mark and nothing to really aim for as an in game goal. Group goals seem somewhat more lofty given the opportunities of wormhole space and the upcoming sov changes.

    I think I am just ahead of the curve with our little group. They are just not getting into level four missions with a much larger amount of SP than I had when I first entered into them.

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