Tech II Frigate…Almost


Electronics upgrades V was a ten day skill to knock out, the longest skill I have ever set while I was actively playing and not on a vacation of some sort.  Now the wonders and wealth of hacking and the ultimate damage capacity of tech II covert ops frigates are within my grasp.  At least that is what the brochure said, something about just pushing an I-Win button every time you uncloak a stealth bomber on some poor unsuspecting sod and that Isk just comes in faster than you can spend it once you get out there with your code breaker and start hacking!     

Back in the real world, well the EVE world anyway, I still have a ton of training up to do.  True I can fly the Minmatar stealth bomber, but with only around 90,000 skill points invested into missiles, I clearly have some serious training to do.  For too long I have neglected missile skills and fitted them as an afterthought.  My wormhole Hurricane has no missile launchers and my PVE Maelstrom is fit with 8 turrets, thus my current predicament of being severely under trained in all things missile. 

At least one good thing came from all of this in that I learned that EVE fitting tool calculates the actual range you can fire missiles and reach the target.  Unless there is some tooltip or info screen somewhere in game, this is a new find for me.  I had always wondered what all of those stacking skills with +10% velocity and +10% flight time would really add up to.  I can reach out and touch someone with a small missile at 33km and a heavy missile at 63 km.  

Who knew!  I had only been using the small missiles once the targets were within 20km and the heavy ones once they were within 40km.  Perhaps making a PVP missile boat for small to medium engagement with some standoff capability would be something to look into.   Certainly there have been some impressively flown Drakes that I have run into.

 Currently I am training cloaking III to cloaking IV.  This is so that I can fit one of those covert ops cloaking devices that will allow me to warp while cloaked.  Apparently this is a very important feature and is a must have for the surprise attacks that you will want to unleash with your stealth bomber.  After that, I have some more basic missile damage skills to study up on as well as getting torpedo skills to at least IV.  I don’t plan on taking it all the way for tech II launchers and torpedoes and I hope I don’t loose out on a ton of damage by taking this stance.  So as with all things EVE, a new skill to level V just means that there are more skills that need to be brought up to level IV.   

The covert ops scanning frigate should allow me to get out and see a bit more of the galaxy.  As my only venture out into 0.0 involved me jumping directly from low-sec into a warp disruption bubble, perhaps the ability to move about unseen would be beneficial.  Also with the right modules fit I could really do some serious low security and null security exploration.  Perhaps even convince my corp members to setup shop in some off-the-grid low security, wormhole or null sec system as a base of operations…right.


~ by Centuri on September 15, 2009.

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  1. Covops cloak makes it a lot easier to get around. You can and will still be caught in bubbles, but those won’t de-cloak you, so you can still slowboat out of them. Some guy recently posted on the official forums that he’d been to every non-WH system in the game (and posted a screenie of his map proving it). Took him a long time and 3 covops ships (you can be caught, it’s just hard for them to do if you’re doing it right) but he did it.

    For your stealth bomber, having T2 torps won’t make *that* much difference unless you’re looking to get even more range. SB’s get a velocity bonus and the long-range javelin torps ) with the fuel cache and hydraulic booster rigs) plus max range skills can shoot from over 100 km out.

    I only have Torp 4 myself right now, but even with regular torps I can hit to about 50km in my Manticore.

    Too bad there aren’t any T2 bomb launchers. . . .

  2. 100km from a cloaked ship just seems too good to be true. Bombs do seem like they could be an obscene amount of fun. I don’t know if I would get the chance to try them out in 0.0, but perhaps in a wormhole on a closely clustered gate camp or against a mining operation.

    I wonder how quick a stealth bomber can take down a Hulk…

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