Scouting Providence

Yesterday afternoon my small, four man corporation left the Minmatar Militia.  Whether this is a temporary change or a permanent move has yet to be decided.  The other combat pilot, who also happens to be the CEO, and myself were the main voices behind this while the third and fourth player are choosing to go with the flow and seek additional wealth and skill training within the safety of Empire. 

With a new Cheetah Covert Ops ship and a shiny cov-ops cloaking device I set destination for Providence to scout out 0.0 space for a base of operations.  Not that I am a particular fan of CVA specifically or Amarrian role players in general, but I can’t argue with a section of player held and moderately secure 0.0 space that is open for everyone that will toe the line.  The rules for Providence and lower Domain are clearly posted on their site if anyone is interested in checking out their space. 

My last trip into Providence in a Rupture was met by a Minmatar Militia gate camp and I quickly lost both my cruiser and got the express ticket home thanks to the loss of my pod.  This time, thankfully, there was little activity at any point along the trip.  I was confident that my cloaked Cheetah would provide me with some cover and if that failed then as a small frigate, I would be difficult to pin down and tackle.  The journey to Providence takes you through six jumps of Amarr low security space.  I did not experience any hostilities and from the CVA website it appears that they do run anti-pirate operations in this area.  Whether those were successful in keeping the pirates at bay or if the pirates were just letting me pass in hopes of juicier prey is something I am just left wondering. 

Setting off deep into CVA sovereign space I was amazed at the sheer emptiness of the area.  One system might have 10 players in it, but the next three would not have any or perhaps just one or two.  I made best speed toward the first of the two loops that I wanted to scout and opened up my market tab to check out the regional market activity.  Surprisingly enough, there was a decent amount of goods for sale.  Yes the ship prices were about 10%-30% more than what could be found in Empire, but that is reasonable given the trouble to bring one in yourself.  Perhaps I might just fly in the modules in something fast and buy a battleship out here… 

Arriving at my first loop I warped in at 100km to the outpost and began launching probes.  Once 5 were in the system I moved towards the station and cloaked up.  Just one other player was in system with me in an Abaddon.  I expected my probes to ping multiple combat sites and a half dozen or so other lesser strength signals.  Instead they located just one signal.  It took me several minutes to pin down this signal and it was an ancient Sansha space ruins. 

I set a bookmark and recalled my probes and warped in at 100km to the site.  The Abaddon was here and engaged with four Sansha battle ships.  Examining the cans that were floating around at the site, I saw that it was both salvaging and archaeology.  I only have the skills for salvaging, at least until the next update goes through. Sitting in cloaked silence I watched the Abaddon pilot pick off the Sansha ships and then slowly loot and salvage the wrecks and then move towards the salvage cans.  Not wanting to be labeled a thief on my first day in the area, I decloaked just 20 km from the Abaddon and warped off to my outbound gate to the next system. 

This next system had no one else in local and about a dozen asteroid belts.  I was hopeful that some high end ores could be found here given the lack of local traffic.  I was highly disappointed.  Every belt in the system was picked clean of high end ore, yes I checked every…one…of…them.  Nothing was present floating about that would yield a higher Isk per hour than simply mining away in the safety of Empire.  Sadly, this trend carried forward to the next 9 systems as well.  I did a spot check of three belts per system and they were all picked clean of high end ores.  I am not sure if this is a daily occurrence or perhaps some huge mining fleet moved through the area earlier and would not be back for several days.  Either way this needs more investigating. 

Exploration sites over the rest of my scouting route were also picked clean.  Out of the next nine systems I found only one more Archaelogy and salvage site.  This was guarded by two Sansha battle ships, whose large guns could not hit my fast frigate.  I was able to grab the two salvage cans and ran off with about 15 million Isk in loot from that one site.  The only combat site that I found was a Sansha Fortress that was a multi room gated complex.  Their were no guards at the initial gate, but the subsequent jump would place you just 20 km from the nearest hostile.  I dropped cloak as I aligned out and luckily the only agro was from the quartet of cruiser missile batteries.  Perhaps if you did come here in your battle ship you could get some range on your enemies before opening fire. 

After about two hours of scouting around in southern Providence I found both the asteroid belts and exploration to be very lack luster.  My Cheetah is still docked up out there and I plan on doing some more scouting of other areas that perhaps see less daily traffic.  I would assume that the problem with making your space open for everyone is that everyone shows up to work your space.  Perhaps the new sovereignty mechanic changes coming down the pipe will reward CVA and other like minded alliances, but as of right now Providence seems anything but promising for a new home.


~ by Centuri on September 22, 2009.

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  1. My understanding of 0.0 overall is that it’s rather resource poor overall, with only certain regions being “rich.” Providence is one of the “very poor” regions, which is why CVA was able to move in and has been able to hold it so easily — no other alliance wants it.

    I’d like to visit it someday myself, but several people I’ve talked to and now your report also make it sound like it really wouldn’t be worth the time. Even so.. I plan to anyway. It’s not like EVE is all about the pew pew for me, after all.

  2. Well I didn’t get out there until around 8:00 CST, which is well past EU prime time. Perhaps there were sites up earlier and I just came too late. I want to scan some of them again tonight and do a sweep of some other areas and loops to see what I can find.

    Nothing so far seems more profitable than level four missions. I thought it would at least be on par with wormholes given the risk involved. Not sure if Providence falls into the very poor region category. I had heard that about the Drone areas in the north east that no one really wants.

  3. I’ve been in Providence for a few weeks now, but just to rat rather than mine. I like the safety of it, as I haven’t seen any pirates in the region at all, which has been excellent. It’s so safe that the only people in the area are either alliance members or other ratters. It’s just like Empire space, only better. I’ve been able to chat with others, and we respect each other’s rights to a belt if we find someone already there. No one warps away or hides, as there doesn’t seem to be any need. Any kind of aggressive activity will be met by an entire alliance coming down on you.

    I love it. 🙂

  4. Yeah I got the safety vibe down pat. As a newcomer some folks did try to talk to me in local about which belts were avaiable for ratting and which were being chained. My problem was that other than ratting there was no much else to do.

    I did finally find some of the high end ores in a few systems, but not in enough quantity to really make harvesting them worthwhile. I think my overall problem with Providence is that nothing there was either more enjoyable or more profitable than what I could do in relative safely in Empire.

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