Crossing Out Providence

Day two of Providence yielded even less than the first day.  I was finally able to locate some of the rare ore types in a back corner of the region.  But the belts only contained about a dozen small rocks or rare ore that made harvesting them efficiently somewhat problematic.  Exploration was even more lackluster than the previous day and the only find was a class 6 wormhole entrance that lead to a pristine wormhole system that was busting at the seams with things to do. 

My first thought was that my scanner was malfunctioning in some way, due to the large amount of signal returns.  I was able to ignore all of the 29 combat sites that showed up and began to scan down some of the stronger signals as I looked for a salvaging or hacking site to pilfer.  No such luck and I left after fifteen minutes of searching having found two other wormholes that lead deeper into w-space and two gas sites.  There were still another dozen or so returns to track down, but I was deviating from my original plan of Providence scouting. 

Systems continued to be littered with ratters and the exploration continued to yield no results.  I was fairly fed up at this point and set destination back to my home system.  Of course taunting me along the way I found numerous exploration sites in Amarr and Minmatar low security. 

I am not sure quite what I was expecting on my first survey of 0.0, but this was severely disappointing.  The wealth to be readily had out in Providence seemed to only be in ratting, or in blitzing the asteroid belts shortly after downtime to cherry pick all the rare rock spawns.  No activity readily available to visitors seems to be more profitable then even running missions safely in high security space or running even a class one wormhole solo in a battle cruiser.  I do want to check out some other sections of 0.0 including NPC pirate space to determine if more opportunities are available out in that direction.


~ by Centuri on September 23, 2009.

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