Tobold Blocked!

I have always wondered what algorithm my company uses for curtailing web browsing.  For some time I was able to safely browse internet gaming forums and even many official websites, and then slowly the company’s online watchdog would catch up to me.  First it was the official WoW site, and then it was the Elitist Jerks site.  I still remember the sadness I felt the day that my guild forums became blocked. 

There is no rhyme or reason to the manner or pace with which the company blocks sites.  There just seems to be a slow process of more popular sites slowly being added to the list.  Thus today I was greeted by the following screen when trying to get my morning dose of Tobold.  Thankfully, other Blogspot blogs are still fully accessible.  

tobold denied


Many of my EVE related sites remain fully accessible, other than pages on the official site.  Perhaps EVE-Search and other similar EVE sites just don’t have the online clout or presence to be on the radar just yet.   Heaven help me if they figure out a way to block Google Reader…they can’t block Google can they?


~ by Centuri on September 24, 2009.

4 Responses to “Tobold Blocked!”

  1. You’d be surprised…..

    I just got blocked for myself yesterday. Can still hit every other site I go to, but that one stopped working, even though the rss feed still comes through. Go figure.

  2. I have had the same problem with Ninveah for quite some time. I also get around the block via the RSS feed.

  3. Don’t despair! My complete blog entries are available via RSS feed. Few companies blog Google Reader. 😉

    I never know whether I should be honored or appalled that my site is blocked by that sort of blocking software.

  4. I would think of it as an honor. The software is not based on word search combinations or anything like that. Someone had to have flagged your site on some database that we use as not possibly work related.

    Some other oddities are that Expedia/Travelocity and other such travel sites are not blocked, however hotel websites like Hilton or Holiday Inn are blocked. The account that I work for is actually a casino/hotel company and I had to have IT lift the block for their specific site.

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