It’s On! Our First Corporation War Dec!

Ok, so we are not exactly a big deal with four members and 7 accounts.  And no we aren’t a major industrial or research corporation supporting some large player entity from the shadows.   But clearly we must have attracted the attention of someone!  Perhaps some vanquished and bitter foe from faction warfare wanted revenge.  Maybe some xenophobic territorial power was irked by my recent forays into their claimed 0.0 space.

its on

We soon set off to find out who this mysterious corporation was and what their membership was capable of.  Quickly we learned that this one man corporation must mean business.  We located the CEO and sole member and had everyone add him to their friends list.  An out of corp alt was parked in the station that the locator agent placed him at.  We didn’t have any other ideas to keep an eye on this guy.  Three out of four of our members were briefed and some plans were formulated for whenever this one man army would log back in.

But still the question remained.  What could have brought down such a horrid wrath upon us?

war dec explained

Well in my corporation members’ defense I was told the full story and this other player did instigate the confrontation.  The friend of mine that mines with two hulks was out in a belt when this player warped next to one of his hulks in a cruiser.  This wonder player then stole the ore from the floating canister near one of the hulks and placed it into a can of his own.  He then blew up the can in a showing up utmost strength and maturity.  I am sure some words were said in local.

The two hulks of my corp member were about 30km away from each other.  So my guy sends in his drones from the Hulk further away from the aggressor and begins to attack.   The genius in the cruiser was apparently only fitted for short range combat and did not have an MWD.  So he begins to slowboat towards the far away Hulk and as soon as he moves about 10 clicks away from the first Hulk, that Hulk’s drones open up on him as well.  The cruiser pilot had to warp out in structure due to his failure while attacking two mining ships.

The very next day my friend ran into this would be assailant mining in a nearby belt and periodically can flipped him throughout the day.  The end result is the war declaration that Concord handed to us.  Should be fun if this guy actually logs on and presents himself as a target.


~ by Centuri on September 29, 2009.

2 Responses to “It’s On! Our First Corporation War Dec!”

  1. I am *SO* looking forward to hearing stories about repeated kills of this moron!

  2. So far no luck. We have ships and now two alts in place. He is always logged out at the same station, but is never on in US prime time. A corp mate did find him on around 12:00 US CST. Perahps he is EU time zone or a college student.

    No sign of him on at night. We keep checking though.

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