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Every single member of my corporation now has a fully activated second account.  It really makes you wonder about the subscriber number that CCP tosses around in terms of how many of those 300k+ accounts are actual unique individuals.  Most interesting to me are the training paths that everyone is pursuing and how it parallels or supports their goals on the main account.  This seems to support the ongoing problem with EVE for newer players in that they can never approach the huge skill point pools of players that came before us, but with well trained alts, we can make surgical strikes into training paths and specialize in a few specific roles. 

My own second character is currently being trained up for mission running support.  I am not planning to even put this character into any tech II ships and she will simply have to stop in about 30 days, when I reach Battle Cruiser IV and complete the training path I have setup.  She is not going to be a main DPS or tanking character in PVE encounters, but will be a small-medium ship character offering logistical support with additional skills in looting and salvaging.  The next character I will make after her will be a dedicated hauler and POS gunner.  That should be about a thirty day plan as well.  

Perhaps one of them will see training for tech II frigates to function as a ready made covert ops scout.  Either way, I won’t have a second PC to run a separate client until Thanksgiving, which is November 26, 2009.  My computer is able to run two EVE clients simultaneously as of right now and function well enough to get the job done.  But there was some talk from CCP about increasing the minimum system reqs. come Dominion, which has now been set for release on December 1, 2009.  Thus, I will need to have other plans for then. 

The other, longer term goal, for the second account of mine will be access to pirate faction missions out in 0.0, should I ever find myself out there.  Unfortunately on my main, six months of life in Empire running missions and complexes has left him with very poor standings with all of these factions.  None of the larger 0.0 factions will even offer me missions any more.  Thus my new alt who loots and salvages for me as I go, will give me the needed standings to talk to those agents.  This is accomplished by having my alt warp to the mission area that I am doing in high security space and then leaving the fleet.  Thus she is free to loot and salvage without fear of loosing standings with the pirate faction I am currently engaged in with my main. 

This does still leave me with a third character slot to come back to on this alternate account.  Dedicated researcher?  Trader?  Producer?  Miner?


~ by Centuri on October 5, 2009.

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  1. The increased system reqs are Windows XP SP2 instead of SP1.

    It’s not much of a change. . . .

    Go for research in order to get passive income! 😉

  2. A research alt does seem appealing. That would require more than a small bit of mission running with some R&D corps to get access to the better R&D agents. I will have to plug in a research plan into EVEMon and see how long it would take to get a character to be able to run 5 R&D agents at once with level 4 skills in the applicable R&D specialties.

    That would be a ton of skills to V though to make it worthwhile. But passive income is very very tempting.

    “No hardware system requirement increases have been announced.” I fail at reading comprehension.

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