Cutting the Cord with Level Fours

Taking this a bit literal aren’t we?

Taking this a bit literal aren’t we?

I came to the realization this weekend that high security level four missions are becoming a crutch for me that must be cast off.  Too often, while engaging in other endeavors, I begin to compare the ISK per hour of that activity to running a decent level four mission.  Factor in the added safety and the risk of some sort of low security or null security activity is clearly playing second flute.  

Therefore they have to go.  For me at least; you can still run them if you want.  In the end it just was becoming more of a chore to run them as fast as possible, while looting and salvaging with my alt.  Pick off the frigates as they come in.  HACs go down next followed by the battle cruisers that always seem to take obscene amounts of damage from large turrets, finally begin to work on the battle ships.  Often by this point you are safe to tab out of the game and listen for the sound of the turrets to stop or the out of ammo warning.  Some have spawning waves that require me to be a bit more awake.  Others just have everything arranged nicely and neatly in groups for me to take out one at a time.  Everything is clearly mapped out in the available online and in game resources.  No mess no fuss. 

The spoon fed PVE content was interesting enough, but began to have more of a grind feel to it rather than a sense of adventure.  The EVE experience that I was having was starting to feel all too similar to other games that incorporated PVE grind into them, and this was not what I was looking for.  

The loyalty point rewards were interesting at first, but now with a full set of eight faction turrets, I feel wasteful spending the points and Amarr navy tags on faction fittings to increase my overall DPS by a few trivial points.  I am already nervous enough, at times, flying a ship with a net worth approaching 800 million ISK.  Investing a few hundred million more over the next few weeks from the loyalty points store would push the value of the ship and modules up above what I was comfortable in loosing.  

I had thought about making a push for level five missions with the corporation.  We would have three combat pilots and two logistics pilot, only able to fly tech I logistics for a few more weeks.  But the only corporation that I have high enough standings with is the Brutor tribe, and doing level five missions and bringing well fit battleships through Amamake and Auga just does not appear to be an intelligent decision.  

Someone in the rookie help channel the other week (I know horrible place for information but I am stuck in the channel on my alt for the time being) stated that it was possible to get a level five mission that sends you into high security space.  His statement was that the agent will pick a random direction to send you, and that if the system has a high sec border then perhaps he would send you there.   So I have spent a few evenings flying to Amamake and Auga to request and decline missions.  After about a dozen or so missions declined, I have yet to see one that sends me into high sec.  I had a feeling that this player was not being truthful, but no losses here other than a few minutes of flight time out to low security space.  I will make it a point to keep checking when I am passing through the area. 

Thus Saturday I once again found myself scouting around in low security space to setup a new base of operations.  The area that I selected was lower Derelik in and around the Hasateem system.  The area offered numerous NPC stations to dock at with exploration looking promising on my first pass through.  The system is only ten jumps from Rens and two jumps into low sec.  Thus resupply should not be an issue.  If I outgrow that area, then entrance into northern Providence is just three jumps away.  I had hopes that it would be far enough off of the grid that it would have low pirate traffic, and it seems to be one of those low security areas that CVA claims to patrol and police. 

As I moved assets out to the area (read a PVP frigate, Cov-ops scout, and a PVE anti-Sansha Hurricane) I knew that I had a lot to learn about permanently basing myself out of low sec and 0.0.  The only uncertainty in the whole equation was exactly how much all this much needed education was going to cost me.


~ by Centuri on October 12, 2009.

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  1. Hey just wanted to say that the person who stated you can get hi sec level 5s is right. I do it very often with caldari agents. Its a waiting game so you just have to keep at it.

  2. Nice. Thanks for the confirmation. I have never been lucky enough with the Amamake and Auga level 5 agents.

    Edit: Some more reading and I found claims that the agents will not send you accross a constelation or regional boundry. Now I just have to check out if Amamake and Ossugur are the same constelation…

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