Showing Your True Colors: Why Advertise PVP Intentions?

A perplexing decision seems to have been reached by the vast majority of EVE low sec pirates when it comes to openly declaring themselves as pirates.  I am forced to think of various pirate movies I have seen over the years and how the pirates would often carry and fly flags from various countries, and only hoist the skull and crossbones when they were close enough for the kill.  Often the pirates would lull the merchants into a false sense of security before striking. 

Fast forward to EVE online and I am alone in a low sec system with just myself and my alt.  We are happily hacking away at a regional Sansha computer network when I notice another pilot jumping into system.  I quickly check his bio and see that he has a 5.0 security status and is part of the Tread Alliance.  With just another click I read that the alliance is CVA friendly and practices an NRDS policy.  I return back to the task at hand and don’t even think twice about the other pilot in local.  He leaves the systems several minutes later. 

Twenty minutes later and I am clearing a small Sansha Ship Yard.  Local again ticks from two pilots up to three.  This time when I read the pilot’s biography I see the -9.9 security rating and a big wanted stamped over his picture.  His corp description reads about how they are a low sec pirate/PVP corporation that is currently looking for more members.  Time to dock up!  Less than a minute later I am safely sitting in the station.  The pilot moves on. 

Whether he was a threat to me and my PVE activities at that time was irrelevant.  All too often I find that I have no trouble docking up for safety when the would-be-attacker skulks through the system.  The corporation and alliance descriptions offer instant confirmation of that player’s intentions and allow non-PVP seekers to get their PVE fitted ships out of harms way.  

Why doesn’t some pirate corporation roam the CVA “claimed” low security space regions with a corporation description talking about how they are miners or industrialists?  Pirates of Earth learned hundreds of years ago to not show their true colors until they were just on top of their prey.  Why do the scoundrels of New Eden brazenly provide so much advance warning?


~ by Centuri on October 19, 2009.

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  1. The -9.9 would have tipped you off ether way so it doesn’t really make much if a difference. They might as well have a corp description that is accurate for recruitment use if you are gonna see their sec status is terrible anyway.

  2. ^

    What he said.

  3. True. Player sec status would be an indication. But I have seen pilots having negative sec status while in CVA friendly (NRDS) Corps. Many players behave “properly” in CVA space and Yarr in other areas.

    In crowded space where you setup camp as a regular resident, I agree that the advertising is nice. In desserted systems while you are patroling for PVE players to gank, it’s like setting off a giant air horn in local everytime you come through.

    Most interesting is that I haven’t seen someone set their corp description to something carebearish yet to coax other players into a false sense of security.

  4. The difference is that real life captains usually have a fair amount of intelligence in their heads, thus forcing the pirates to be tricky or sneaky. In Eve, careless and stupid people are given commands of ships. Need I say more? 🙂

  5. Possibly becasue s/he is what a number of EvE pirates say they are, an “honourable” wo/man who prefers to fight in the open, than ambush from “Hello – I’m a carebear” cover.

    In any event, I salute the both of you: him for open-ness and you for diligent circumspection

  6. E-honor amongst pirates! Say it isn’t so!

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