Gas: Worth the Trouble?

Rather then let so many Ladar exploration sites go to waste I am working on training Gas Harvesting to V so that I can fit five harvesters as well as use the tech II harvesters capable of sucking in 20 units of gas every 40 seconds.  Gas harvesting is luckily both more engaging and more attention requiring than regular mining.  Just messing with you!  It’s just as boring and uninteresting except with some nifty sucking sounds instead of the usual mining laser montage.  I swear that instead of a “nature sounds” alarm clock to combat insomnia, someone needs to make a noise maker that just plays the strip miner sound over and over again. 

Now for the fun part, the math!  A full compliment of Tech II gas harvesters will suck in 100 units of gas every 40 seconds.  That computes to 9000 units of gas per hour assuming you are able to min uninterrupted and have someone emptying your cans for you.  Certain gas types in my little area of low security space sell for upwards of 3000-5000 ISK per unit.  That puts low security gas harvesting at an hourly return of somewhere between 27 million and 45 million ISK per hour. 

This of course assumes that the gas actually sells at that price.  Fro all that I know, low sec gas might be just as readily available in null sec and to wormhole explorers, who likely won’t need or be able to dock up in the nearest market hub for their gas needs.  I went ahead and mined up a thousand units of the local stuff and brought it to Rens to test the waters.


~ by Centuri on October 22, 2009.

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  1. Well, gas is made to be turned into boosters! If you’re willing to go through the trouble, it’s worth it. Although granted, it’s a lot of trouble.

  2. Hmm… an online drug manufacturing cartel…interesting…

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