Warhammer Online’s Endless Free Trial

Edit: Free Trial Client Click Here

I noticed a Warhammer Online newsletter  in my inbox and it was a slow news day.  Rather than simply feeding it to the trash can, I decided to read it over and saw the following:

WAR Endless Free Trial

We’ll soon be lifting the 10-day restriction on our Free Trial! You’ll be able to enjoy the trial experience and New User Journey for as long as you like!


*rubs eyes*

Yep still there.

If you played Warhammer Online then you would know that some of the best content in the game is the lower level scenarios and open RvR areas.  With the upcoming patch anyone can simply keep an active “trial” account and log in to play low level characters for free.  Perhaps this is the first step in some type of microtransaction/subscription hybrid model utilized in Dungeons and Dragons Online to great success.

I am fairly certain that this will do nothing for those of us with inactive accounts with multiple upper tier characters.  But being able to log in anytime free of charge and play potentially level capped characters in tier one or tier two RvR is very appealing.  The potential for twinking is amazing.  I will be the first to admit that more than a few times I have signed up for the trial and fired up my WAR client for a few days of casual RvR.  Not surprisingly I had no yearnings to reactive my account to play either of my tier 4 characters.

Will it recapture that feeling from beta where everyone rushed to level 12 in one evening and then spent the next few days in Tier 2 open RvR?  Will the mass of players kept at some artificially low level cap provide the critical mass needed to revive lower tiers of the game?


~ by Centuri on October 29, 2009.

6 Responses to “Warhammer Online’s Endless Free Trial”

  1. Huh. I might actually be tempted to check this out now.

  2. I’ve made at least five trial accounts over some time… This is pretty awesome news. That’s fun pvp at that level

  3. Yeah it seems to be great news to everyone. Even better if it helps them keep the game going and fund new content and attracts new/returning players.

  4. yeah i totally got this in my email today too. im installing as we speak, especially excited cause i totally dig dungeons and dragons online.

  5. Well it’s about as far away from DDO as you can get. The low level RvR is some of the best in game so you won’t be dissapointed there. I also got the email today.

  6. I dl’d it last weekend, but already found a game-breaking bug. Did a full re-patch last night, so we’ll see tonight if that cleared the bug up. . . I’m enjoying it so far, but only have 1 toon to L6 and another to L5 is all.

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