Dominion Sovereignty Test: Where’s the Beef?

I am somewhat disappointed in the lack of blog posts concerning the Dominion test that took place on the 30th on the test server.  Perhaps I just have too many pirate and wormhole related blogs subscribed to on my reader, and not enough that belong to any O.O sov holding alliance members.  Thus to the forums I go. 

Even the forums were lacking in information, save one thread. 

Jomanda of The Initiave discloses the extremely linear nature of sovereignty costs here

Some highlights of the test:

280 million flat cost per system you are claiming sovereignty in.  This does not scale down with more systems currently.

Infrastructure upgrade hub needs 750,000 cubic meters to transport. 

Rare ore types become more common in systems that are heavily mined.  They will keep respawning as they are mined out and will need to be regularly mined to keep them in the system.

Not a lot of interest either in the blogosphere or on the EVE-O forums.  Perhaps it is too early in the process and the experienced players are still digesting all of the information.


~ by Centuri on November 2, 2009.

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  1. I’ve been looking around a bit and I can’t find anyone blogging about it. I haven’t had time to hit the test server forums to see what’s been said there yet, but I guess that’s my next stop.

  2. The cynical jerk in me says that the major alliances are going to be “testing” (looking for bugs they can exploit) and are going to keep that to themselves for as long as possible. The real discussion will take place mainly on internal director level forums while open forum disucssion is left to the amateurs.

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