Stealth Bombers & T2 Turrets Vs. HAC & HIC

I am at a bit of a cross roads with what to do with the next training goal.  My plan to date has been getting access to all of the tech II frigates and then eventually moving on toward tech II cruisers, mainly focusing on HAC and HIC skills as opposed to the logistics or force recons.  The other option I have mapped out involves training up my missile related support skills with a plan to fly a stealth bomber.  Then training up for tech II large turrets; both the large turret and the HAC options have a nice 21 day skill to knock out in large turrets V or Minmatar cruisers V. 

The more that I think about it, the more that I am leaning towards the stealth bomber and large turret option as being more in line with my current goals.  Perhaps if I have aspirations of joining some large territorial alliance, and thus having access to a nice ship replacement service, the HAC and HIC line of tech II cruisers would be more appealing.  But with projectile weapons getting a nice buff and sub capital fleets no longer facing one button annihilation at the hands of a Titan pilot, tech II turrets just keep looking better and better. 

Increasing my missile skills to be competent with a stealth bomber also has the added bonus of making my Caldari cruisers IV skill actually somewhat useful.  I had picked up Caldari skills just to be able to fly ECM boats in militia, but with low missile support skills and no points in hybrid turrets, flying them for either PVE or PVP combat was not a terribly effective option. 

My alt account is about 30 days into a 60 day plan for a blockade runner, a cloaking industrial ship.  After this plan is done I then have to start up another alt, thus filling up all three slots on my second account, to work on a POS gunner.  Somebody in the corp needs to be able to use POS guns eventually. 

Speaking of the corp, things are going well, even if a bit slow.  I think the whole group is involved in some lengthy skill training plans and not very big on short term goals.  The two-hulk-guy continues to have his stay at home wife mine ice for him throughout the day, though I imagine she doesn’t do that in his Hulks.  Apparently she doesn’t know how to do anything but target the ice blocks in an ice belt and empty the cargo hold into a station.  So throughout the day she walks back to the PC and docks up and then flies him back out to mine more ice.  I imagine this nice “passive” income of his will dry out if POS fuel prices take a dive post Dominion.


~ by Centuri on November 5, 2009.

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  1. Oddly, I never really had the goal of being able to fly all the T2 Frigs…. but I can. All 4 destroyers and interdictors now too. I also have HAC 4, HIC 4, Logistics 3, and Recon 3. Can only fly Calfari T2 right now…and Caldari T3 which is where I just spent a lot of money buying and fitting a Tengu 😉

    My missile skills actually leave a bit to be desired. I more or less trained them up “just enough” to do okay in L4 missions, and then focused a lot more on support skills. I actually have nearly 2x the SP in guns that I do in missiles, but admittedly a lot of that are the 2 fitting skills (WU 5 and AWU 5). All my T2 frigs fit T2 guns, though……

    But the weirdest thing about all of this is that I truly never planned to do all the T2 frigs of a single race, much less all 4. It was more that I saw a ship I wanted to fly and trained for it and that somehow led to it happening that way. Go figure.

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