L2P nOOb!

All too often on the forums, local chat, and blogs, experienced players happily use their advanced knowledge of poorly documented game mechanics against their fellow players.  The response is always some variation of the catch all phrase, “Learn 2 play.”  Expecting new players to have a few bumps and bruises throughout there initial career as pod pilots is nothing out of the ordinary.  But how is it even a remotely plausible taunt or insult to call these pilots out for not knowing the complete ins and outs of some non documented game mechanic. 

I challenge you to find an online guide that fully explains the aggression timer related to stealing some other players loot.  If you shoot them, yes they can shoot back, but does everyone in your fleet also get to shoot the thief as well?  Does every member of the thief’s corporation get a free shot at you?  Do they have to be in fleet or even in the same system to attack the player defending his loot?  These concepts are completely foreign to any game but EVE Online, and yet are not explained ANYWHERE in an in game format and what information there is posted online must be gleaned from forum posts of the “victorious” griefers slapping each other on the back for a job well done. 

Another mechanic that is extremely important to understand and yet is also very poorly explained in game is the aggression timer and how there is both the timer you see counting down on your screen, as well as a “hidden” aggression timer that the griefing players can somehow exploit for their own benefit.  Just the other week I was reading a post from a player who fired on a mission loot thief and then managed to get away and dock up when the griefers tried to spring their trap.  He calmly waited out the aggression timer and undocked to finish his mission. 

This player arrived back on the scene and was promptly tackled and destroyed by these other players who managed to exploit utilize game mechanics to extend the aggression timer and get their kill.  I still don’t fully understand this one, but someone posted in the thread with several ideas on how these players were able to do this.  Of course the mission runner was mocked as a newer player and told that he should have known that just because the game is telling you that it is safe to go back out (aggression timer fully counted down on his screen) does not mean that is in fact actually safe to go back out.  Apparenly even PVP players and pirates have to deal with the invisible timers.

The list goes on an on and covers everything from research and production to the endless docking games played by some in PVP combat.  Eventually there comes a time in every new players career when he will loose a PVP encounter, regardless of the arena chosen (market, production, combat, etc.) through no fault of their own, other than not knowing about some obscure 30+ page guide available on an out of the way website.  Why must they be mocked?


~ by Centuri on November 9, 2009.

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  1. The extending of the aggression timer is most likely shooting one of the missioner’s wrecks. It extends the timer by 15 minutes but you can only do it once and it only grants the timer to the player who shoots the wreck.

    I believe you used to be able to do it over and over but CCP ‘fixed’ that. Still, it should update the timer on the other side as well, but timers are quite mystical things.

  2. You are right! L2P is *really* annoying when you have been playing the game for quite sometime and there is one minutae of detail that you’ve never heard of… the wreck shooting in the first comment is new to me. How does it extend the ninja’s rights to shoot me if he shoots my wreck?

    The best option is to get the wiki.eveonline.com edited to cover the minor details in a short and clear manner, and drop a link into local chat whenever someone uses the L2P taunt.

    As a start, can you provide some links to the info you mention in the OP? Maybe I can do something about the info in your references and update the wiki entries myself.

  3. I don’t understand the why of the wreck shooting. I just remember the thread where the player docked up, waited for the timer to countdown, and then was attacked and killed in his BS AFTER the timer counted down.

    If I get some time today, I will go through the C&P forums to find some links.

  4. Johnny Phantom was partially right. Aggro is extended by aggressing a wreck owned by the player. Shooting it, scrambling it, target painting, whatever. But…it can be done WAY more than 1 time…I have extended aggro for around an hour and a half before concord said to stop it.

    And I aggree…with most of what you say. The aggro extension trick I don’t mock people for…because it’s impossible to know. But people that get them selves concorded are idiots…there is a big warning that comes up. If you read it an hit ok…I will most definitely make fun of you…because that has nothing to do now with not knowing…because you read it (or at least you should have…)

  5. Mocking someone in game isn’t about the person being mocked. It’s about the person doing the mocking. They need to feel superior to others, and so they mock. All they’re doing is showing themselves to be weak and insecure people, because they’re trying to make someone else feel worse than they already do.

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