When It Rains, It Pours

Life in my little corner of low sec got a bit more exciting last night.  A wormhole opened up in my home base system that was apparently occupied by a large wormhole alliance.  I say apparently as they ran convoys in and out of the system for several hours.  Logistics night for them I am certain.  The system I am in is about a 15 jump trip to either Amarr or Rens, and thus has reasonable access to those market systems.  The path to Rens is just two low sec jumps away, while the path to Amarr takes you out of CVA “claimed” space and 5 jumps through low security space.  I imagine they were going to Rens. 

This pushed me out of my little .4 pocket and up to a hidden jewel for me and exploration, the system of Jangar.  Jangar is a .5 sec dead end system that is only bordered by one low sec system.  It has three stations and is usually only occupied by members of a German industrial alliance, that also frequent Hasateem, my home system.  They fly NRDS and apparently have assets throughout CVA lower Derelek and Providence.  

The beauty of this system is that no one ever explores there.  I mean no one.  Thus it is always ripe for the picking when I go check it out every 2-3 days.  Sure enough last night was not disappointing as I scanned down 4 generic Sansha combat sites, Sansha Yard, Sansha Port, Sansha Community Outreach Center (you get the idea), along with 2 hacking sites and the ever popular Sansha plex.  

Combat complexes differ from their normal anomaly brethren in that they do not show up on the system scanner and have to be scanned down with probes like any other spatial anomaly.  I cleared all of the sites in the system and saved the plex for last.  It was getting to be a bit close to the time that I normally log off and wanted to quickly clear it to make sure I had time to go play a real game, like Farmville.  Really it was almost time for Family Guy and I always hate to miss a good episode.  

I quickly dispatch all of the Sansha baddies inside and even force an Overseer to spawn when I attack the “Sansha Mind Control Station.”  Unfortunately no overseer effects dropped but I did get a faction spawn that dropped a nice Sansha Armor Explosive Hardener, the third one of that particular module that I have recovered, along with a low grade delta slave implant.  The Derelik market had this implant going for 60 million, not that you can trust the prices of this back woods region.  And of course as I was trying to get done quickly for the night, guess what else happened when I cleared the site.  For the first time in months I was given an escalation site.

My first experience with escalation sites was very frustrating.  I had only been playing for about two months when I first received that message after clearing an Angel Cartel site.  No one in the Eve University Channel would tell me WTF I was supposed to do or where to go to find out where I needed to go.  NOW I know that you go to your journal and there is a neat little tab marked “Expedition.”  You go to that tab and it tells you which system you have to head towards.  I stored my loot and set my destination for both my main in his AC Cane and my alt in her salvage setup Vexor.  Hmm….24 jumps on my main and only 4 jumps for my alt.  Adjusted the auto pilot settings and sure enough 4 jumps for both now. 

The path took me into Amarr high sec, which was somewhat disappointing.  I had hoped that it would take me deeper into low sec space for the shot at some better spawns and loot.  I was able to complete 3 of the escalation sites before I had to set a course for home.  Two of the three sites I was able to completely clear, and the third required a well timed warp out due to the amount of incoming DPS.  Either I am going crazy or the escalation sites become increasingly more difficult the more and more of them that you do.  The ships in the last site had some decent tanks and impressive DPS, much more impressive than the first site that’s for sure.

A course was set for home and I had 6 jumps to travel back to the low sec border system and back out into some semi-dangerous space.  I landed on the gate to the border system (Rhandalan or something like that) and noticed a player parked 180 km off of the gate in an Amarr noob ship.  Hmm….a scout perhaps?  I sent my main to one of the stations in the system and parked his ship there, then went to the other station to grab a noob ship of my own to do a bit of scouting. 

Jumping into the system I found a deserted gate with just an Abaddon 200 km off of the gate.  I held my cloak for a few seconds and saw the Abaddon warping to land on the gate, his ship danced with the glow of a sensor booster.  Local chat showed six other players present, all members of the Abaddon’s pilot corporation and all had low security ratings.  It seemed that I would be taking the long way around.  I bounced off a nearby planet and landed on the gate next to the battleship and jumped through.  A word of advice to those pirates, use a cloaked scout or at least put your scout in something besides a noobship 180 km off of a gate.  Obvious trap is obvious.  You might have gotten my Cane and possibly a shot at the 100 million worth of loot and salvage contained within my Vexor’s hold. 

I set a course for Bar and sighed as I saw a 20+ jump route mapped out for me through Amarr high sec.  The perfect amount of time to catch the second episode of Family Guy.  By the time I arrived back in lower Derelik and Hasateem, the activity within the area caused by the wormhole occupants had died down.  Not counting low end minerals I have a full load of loot to get back to Rens sometime soon, should be a decent haul with about a dozen true Sansha spawns in the past week out here and five of the low end slave implants to dump.


~ by Centuri on November 10, 2009.

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  1. Jangar, eh? Noted. . . . . .

    Actually not. I’m not anywhere close to that region of space. I’ve actually got a 0.5 (true sec 0.46, actuslly) dead-end next to me too, though it’s near a mission hub so it’s more often explored out. I’ve still found a couple of good plexes in there at times, though.

  2. It’s a small bonus pocket that I tap into when the low sec corridor that I border gets a bit too much non-CVA related traffic. It serves it’s purpose well enough!

    Just another 30 days of training for my blockade runner and I should be free to mover further into low sec or 0.0.

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