A Day of WAR

Looking to get one of the new Warhammer endless trial accounts, I went to the account management page of the WAR site and saw that my main account was eligible for a 10 day free re-trial, so long as I provided billing information ahead of time.  The deal read that as long as I canceled my subscription within the 10 day time period I would not be charged.  So what would the harm be in that? 

Logging into WAR on my 35 shaman I quickly set my UI back up to something semi-functional and tried to queue for some scenarios.  No dice.  Apparently Altdorf was being sacked and therefore T4 scenarios were all disabled.  No problem I thought to myself, I’ll just head on down to Altdorf for some RvR, and after all, they did implement some changes to the city siege that should be worth checking out.

Right.  Once I arrived at the city I saw a large group of destruction players loitering around the gates outside.  I quickly ran into the instance portal and joined Altdorf Siege instance # 1892.  I joined an open warband and was ready for action.  Sadly there were no order to be found in this instance.  The only “action” was the 30-40 destruction players that were all standing around afk on flags waiting for the 30 minute timer to count down for the capture of Altdorf to be complete.  Since I wanted to actually participate in RvR in an RvR based game, I left the instance and dropped group hoping to get a better instance. 

For anyone fortunate enough to have participated in a city siege in War, let me explain to you how the chat system works and how difficult they make it to coordinate an attack.  Instances are created based on how many attacking players are trying to participate.  These instances are all numbered but all share the same generic chat channels to coordinate attacks between different warbands (groups of up to 24 players).  So your chat will look something like this.

Pwnstar: Push the middle in 1877!

Healmort: Looking for WB invite in 1852. R40rr50 Zealot. All Superior Wards.

Someguywhoplaysagirl: stop pulling lord in 1848..ur just helping order.

Pwnstar: Fall back to the east in 1877

Jerkelite: if your not r40 with at least greater wards please leave #1852. We need geared  ppl to clear PQ boss.  

Pwnstar: Loosing temple.  Middle reinforce them.  East group send some more to middle to watch there in 1877.  My WB all to temple.


So while I am standing around thinking of how much more enjoyable it would be actually watching grass grow, I get to receive play by play updates regarding an actual street fight progression just an instance portal away.  Lovely. 

My mind was made up to try to squeeze into an actual contested instance. 

Zone Out -> Zone back in.  Still in 1892.  Hmm.. 

Zone Out -> Log out.  Log in -> Zone back in.  Still in 1892.  Ok. 

Zone Out -> Exit Game.  Restart Game -> Log back in.  I appear back in the Green Skin Chapter One starting area.  %&*@.  Ok recall to city -> Fly to Riekland -> Ride to Altdorf Gates and zone in……  1892.  @#^&* 

Apparently I was married to an instance completely devoid of an RvR.  War is everywhere indeed.  I took stock of my options.  Based on the deciphering the chat spam I discerned that at least one instance had an actual order group fighting back and contesting the city, one had a small token force of order that was sneaking around picking off small groups and stragglers, and two were completely empty of any order opposition. 

I requested an invite to an open warband in instance #1877, hoping that perhaps I could squeeze in unnoticed.  No dice.  Either they knew I wasn’t inside the instance or they wouldn’t invite anyone under rank 40.  Lovely.  Back into #1892 I went where myself and about 30 realm mates stood around flags doing absolutely nothing for ten additional minutes while the counters ticked away. 

Destruction captured the city and the warband that I was in formed up at the Sigmar Temple to run the PQ there.  Or rather we formed up to attempt to run the PQ at that location.  The non boss NPCs went down very quickly.  The boss himself was another matter.  The majority of the warband was under 40 and thus not very well geared.  The boss has an AOE attack that hits players in range for around 80,000 hit points.  My shaman had about 7000 hit points.  

I assume that if I had taken the time to collect “wards” that perhaps I could have lived through this attack somehow.  As to why WAR needs such a harsh penalty for not following proper PVE and RvR progression given the population problems it is having is beyond me.  Why even allow so many sub max rank players attack and sack the city if they are shut out from all of this content?  Why force players to show up at the city to attack, by disabling both scenarios and the open RvR campagin, if they just zone into empty instances and PQ bosses that they have no hopes of defeating?


~ by Centuri on November 13, 2009.

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