I saw his probes. I saw his &*$%@#$ PROBES.

Internet space meanie!

Life in Derelik low sec has been nothing if not uneventful the past week.  Pirate groups that used to frequent Providence 0.0 seem to be operating much more frequently and with impunity on this side entrance into CVA territory.  Whereas, a month ago it would be just myself and a few Providence supporters, mainly members of Tread Alliance, out and about, now roving gangs, gate camps, and solo hunters have all set up shop in this formerly quiet section of space. 

All week I was having the same problem.  I would scan down my low sec home system in my cloaked covert ops ship, bookmark anything worth doing and then switch out to my AC Cane, Bait Ship II.  Bait Ship I was a previous loss to pirates that helped me learn a bit more about the on board scanning system.  Shortly thereafter pirate scouts would stick their heads into the system from the neighboring pipeline system and just see what they could find.  This left any of the generic combat anomaly sites completely out of the question; which also meant other than clearing out the small high sec pocket system nearby, daily income has been abysmal.  

Last night was no different.  An Ishtar was on the directional scanner for several minutes while I cleared out a Sansha hacking and a salvaging site.  I knew that without probes he would not be able to pinpoint my location and warp to me.  He was in the system.  He left.  He came back in.  He left again.  He came back in.  He left.  He came back in and then left.  After what had to have been his seventh pass through the system, the probes exploded onto my scanner interface.  Sisters Combat Scanner Probes.  

My alt was out salvaging some wrecks.  Instantly she was aligning out to dock up for safety.  I tabbed back to my main, who was not to be so fortunate.  Bait Ship II was in the middle of a hollow coral type asteroid trying to hack into the last hacking can of the site.  It had taken a minute or two of manual flying to get to where I was.  I doubted if it would let me auto align out.  Nevertheless I selected the station and hit dock.  The remaining Sansha defenders had me webbed, perhaps they would be my saviors.  

My engines came to life and my ship struggled to break free and find an opening amongst the choking thorns of the asteroid.  Lifeless spindly rock would forever be Bait Ship II’s tomb.  The Ishtar landed on grid 40 clicks away as my ship struggled to find a proper alignment out.  I continued to blast the remaining Sansha while I targeted the HAC bearing down on me. 

He placed a point on me and kept his distance at 19km.  A flight of Ogre II heavy drones lumbered towards me.  I activated my self destruct in a feeble attempt to deny him satisfaction.  It was all for naught and a minute later I was blasting back to the station in only my pod

In retrospect I don’t know if I could have done anything outright to avoid the gank.  He knew I was there, he knew which planet or moon I was closest too.  Once he came back fitted with the probes it was a simple matter of scanning me down.  The position where I was inside of the coral asteroid prevented my escape.  Combat wise, I should have shot up his damn drones.  Some research on GriefWatch shows that he always flies an Ishtar with Ogre II, Warrior II and Bouncer sentry drones and is fitted with medium and small neuters and a warp disruptor.  If I had taken out his drones or forced him to recall them to switch to smaller ones or sentry drones, the extra time might have been enough to have the self destruct go off. 

Reflecting on my time thus far in Derelik low security space I am disappointed in both the income potential as well as the local residents.  Solo and small pirate gangs move about with impunity, as I have only run across one CVA response fleet in the month that I have been out here.  CVA claims to police this section of space, but the de facto residents would say otherwise.  Income wise I cannot really complain.  Prior the pirate occupation there were quite a few worthwhile trips to the market.  All told I think I brought in about 600 million or so in loot, half of which were faction implants and modules as well hacking site loot.

I left my ships and fittings behind and jump cloned back into high security Empire.  Arriving back in my mission hub and hopping into my Maelstrom for a little lap around Rens actually felt kind of nice.  Not sure where I will go next from here with Dominion just around the corner.


~ by Centuri on November 24, 2009.

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