WAR Revisited

 With some extreme trepidation I had reactivated my Warhammer Online Account several weeks ago.  Long time readers might remember that I have reactivated my account on multiple occasions in the past and always quickly unsubscribed.  This time I wanted a different experience, thus my tier 4 Destruction characters were collecting rested xp (or collecting dust depending on how you want to look at it) and I brought out my rank 24 Warrior Priest for a few spins around the RvR block. 

Outside of the RvR areas Warhammer Online continues to be a ghost town.  The PVE areas of the game can be fully explored as a solo player and I have literally gone through hours of questing without running into another actual player.  The past few weeks that I have been able to observe the tier 4 RvR have all been Destruction dominated.  They casually flip zone after zone and enter Altdorf on a nightly basis.  Working as intended no doubt. 

However, with the last round of server mergers and the closing of the role playing servers, a HUGE amount of dedicated Order players have transferred over to Iron Rock earlier this week. Whereas before it was Destruction playing Realm Vs. Door while a token Order defense force mustered resistance, now the tables have turned. 

Last night I was part of a concerted effort to push for the Inevitable City (Chaos/Destruction capital) and witnessed a coordination of well over 200 players simultaneously flipping two pairings.  This was even supported by lower tier players in tier 3 capturing a few keeps to earn us some victory points for the flip.  I logged off around 10:30 CST with just one final zone to flip to open up the city conquest instances. 

Sadly it was all for show.  The Destro warbands that frequently ravage Altdorf on a nightly basis were nowhere to be found.  Clearly while the Destro players will come out in force for flipping undefended zones, they will not come out to contest a large and organized force.  Not that I can blame them.  Order on Iron Rock has been in that position for months.  It just highlights one of the many problems with Tier 4 RvR in WAR.  There is no incentive to show up and loose.  Having your city and zone captured or contested has no real drawbacks to force players to show up and play.

All of those updates to the game engine to improve stability have finally allowed me to go toe to toe in large melees without any noticable lag or hitching.  At least that was a nice improvement.  Recent server mergers, while bad for the game in the press and devastating for those communities that have been broken up, has at least offered some small hope to the dedicated players still logging on.


~ by Centuri on December 3, 2009.

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