Projectile Weapons Post Dominion

The projectile changes slated for Dominion are now live.  While I don’t have the a chart showing the damage spread prior to the latest patch, the new ammo details are all clearly outlined in this chart below.

Impressive.  This was shamelessly taken from a post on the EVE-O forums.  I am sure someone put some work into it.  Good for them. 

As you can tell, the short range ammo has all been made equal.  No longer will Republic Fleet EMP be the ammo of choice for auto cannon PVP boats simply because of its higher damage potential.  EMP, Fusion and Phase Plasma now do the same total damage and share the same 50% range penalty.  Options are good. 

Following through on the options are good theme is the new tracking bonus given to the “medium range” ammo of Titanium Sabots and Depleted Uranium.  Titanium sabot lost their prior range reduction, whereas D.U. keeps the same 0% bonus from before.  The big change of course is the 20% tracking bonus, while suffering from no range penalty and offering a reduction of 33% in base damage from the short range varieties.  Now with these changes players will be able to choose between better tracking or higher damage.  Options are good. 

The long range ammo also received the same rebalancing that the short range ammo was given.  They now all share the same 60% range bonus and do equal total damage with a small tracking bonus of 5%.  The bonus to optimal range, as opposed to falloff, should keep them loaded in artillery boats only for the foreseeable future.  

Looking at the chart you will notice a few holes in coverage.  There is no short range kinetic damage ammo, there is no mid range EMP ammo and there is no long range thermal ammo.  This leaves missile boats as the only hulls able to choose damage types and not have to give up on range, but does keep projectile weapons out of the laser problem of only having EM and Thermal damage to choose from while having to balance range, tracking and capacitor use.


~ by Centuri on December 4, 2009.

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  2. Do not doubt the power of the spreadsheet.

  3. I’m digging the bigger clip sizes. AC’s got a really nice boost from this. I’m told arties have absolutely amazing alpha from it also — good for hit-n-run, I’m told. Hopefully I get to try in a little while too. . . .

  4. Yeah I am hoping that with the changes there should be some great sniper alpha strikes to read about on the forums.

  5. Projectiles are pretty awesome now thanks to these changes along with the Tracking Enhancer buff. I wonder how long until we get the Hybrids/Missile buff and lasers finally get relegated back to their spot in the back of the bus.

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