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What a way to spend an evening, and the next morning, and most of the following evening.  Is there really any better way to pass the time than reinstalling software and downloading new drivers while trying to remember which clever hacks you had to use to get some obscure program to load?  I think not. 

What I love about a good format is the blank slate that you start out with.  Just an empty program list and a system tray devoid of tiny icons, a blank canvas to upload and install onto.  I had almost forgotten how fast my computer was out of the box.  Somehow after stuffing the hard drive to the brink of failure, then adding on a secondary hard drive, while installing and uninstalling multiple games and programs, I caused the computer to begin to run very poorly.

It all started when I got tired of my Radeon video card overheating.  It is a 1600 pro series, which is an ancient relic by today’s standards.  Word to the wise, if you have to click on the “Legacy Hardware” link on your card’s manufacturer web site to find the drivers for it, it might be time for an upgrade.  So I unplugged the video card to switch back to the onboard video.  Somehow in this process I ripped or corrupted data on the hard drive and my computer was unable to locate the NTLDR on my hard drive, which left it unbootable.

Two hours of tinkering and several Captain Morgan and Coke Zero’s later I had managed to hack together the system enough with the XP CD to get back to the command prompt and begin the formatting process.  On a personal note, I can literally walk into my house and drop my keys somewhere and completely forget about the location five minutes later.  I have left my cell phone at the self checkout lanes at a local grocery store when I had to use it to get the machine to accept the correct weight on some item. Yet even after not seeing it for several years I knew the exact location of my Windows XP recovery CD at the bottom right of my closet underneath a twisting tangle of coaxial cable left over from a college apartment when I split the cost of cable with my neighbor and we ran lines through the windows.  Desperate times, desperate measures and all that jazz. 

Someday I will forget the Contra 30 life code (up up down down left right left right A B) and the path through the Lost Woods in the original Zelda (North West South West) and be able to recall more useful information.  This will be a sad day.  But I digress.  

It was nice to finally be able to delete the partition off of my hard drive.  And be able to learn about all of these programs that I had long since deleted to save space on my hard drive in some mopping up I had done a year ago.  Apparently deleting the drivers for your motherboard can be a bad thing.  Now I have the clean slate with windows and the actual out of the box drivers for the motherboard running.  Note to self: don’t delete those this time just because they don’t show up as ever being used. 

I was able to setup EVE to download on the way out of the door this morning and had the first DVD of Warhammer Online installing as well.  Doubtful that I will be putting Dungeons and Dragons Online back on the PC.  I rarely played my account anymore and it was really just a distraction anyway.  The true decision will be on whether or not to put WOW back on.  Someone else has my account, and I hadn’t actually logged onto to say hello in several months.  But it was nice to have the option.


~ by Centuri on December 11, 2009.

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