Large Projectile Turrets V

Finally have that one out of the way.  Longest 22 days ever.  I loaded up Large Artillery Specialization to three just to have a small break in long skill training and now tonight I get to queue up Motion Prediction five, an eight day skill, which will then let me train up Large Auto cannon specialization. Then I will be completely done with gunnery skills for quite some time. 

The next phase of my little training plan involves a ton of missile related skills with the plans of eventually getting into a stealth bomber.  The SB seems to be the FOTM for 0.0 PVP at the moment based on sifting through the chest beating and e-peen flexing going on with the forums at the moment. 

Dominion seems to have changed very little for the folks in both high sec and low sec Empire space.


~ by Centuri on December 18, 2009.

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  1. Congratz. I’ve still got BS V and Lrg Hybrid V waiting for me.

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