Why Firing Your QA Staff Is Bad

Admittedly I have been spending a bit more time in Warhammer Online than EVE for the past few weeks.  Whether that is because of the long skills set to train or the fact that the other combat focused pilots in the corp seem to be logging in just to update skill training queues I don’t know.  There is always the possibility that I am just enjoying Warhammer Online a bit more than usual with the population density increases from all of the server mergers. 

A few nigths ago I won my first purple loot bag from a keep tier 4 keep siege.  I was very excited to pull this cloak out of the bag and replace some level 24 blue cloak that I had been wearing with a shiny purple cloak. Except the cloak wasn’t that shiny…  The level 24 cloak was an event award from the Land of the Dead launch event and had this unique scarab design on it.  This one just looks like a normal hide like mantle that has no unique flavor to it.

 Maybe they forgot to carry the one...

Check out the proc as well…at least I won’t need a spreadsheet to compute the added benefit!


~ by Centuri on December 28, 2009.

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