Trying to Make a Move

Is it just me or do they all just start to read the same once you look over your 20th recruitment post? 

I had some hopes of moving in with the Cepta folks but apparently the time that I took off from gaming to do some work around the house caused too much of a delay and now that ship has undocked on the way back to deep-deep 0.0 in Esoteria.  Their corporation killboards seem somewhat slow, but their alliance killboards are much more active.  This lead me to believe that they lived in a somewhat quiet area of space and did not have compulsory PVP ops, but that PVP would be readily available within the alliance if I so chose.  

The fact that I had to go digging on the CAOD forums to even find a post about the Sys-K alliance was also impressive.  I was not interested in some drama filled organization with an ego driven leaders seeking to make a name for himself, nor in some long standing alliance or a rebirth alliance with years and year of grudges still left to fulfill.  Other qualities that I am looking for is someone in an established alliance with a 0.0 presence.  That shouldn’t be hard to find right? 

So to the forums I go! 

The signal to noise ratio of the recruitment forums is simply astounding.  Recruitment posts are continually bumped on a daily basis with very little new information added after the initial posting.  Unlike the rest of the EVE forums, apparently trolling of posts is not allowed, thus you have unabated e-peen strokage with the occasional poster actually contributing some information about the corporation or alliance in question. 

My favorite line so far, “We don’t have compulsory PVP ops.”  Then a few lines underneath that, “Tax rates are set to 100% during certain times to encourage participation in scheduled ops.”  Apparently they are not looking for players that have trained up reading comprehension past level two.


~ by Centuri on January 6, 2010.

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  1. Haha. You think the recruitment forum is a fun read, try the recruitment channel in-game. I keep it open while flying, just for the amusement as I read some of the adverts.

  2. The best are the taglines in the forum thread titles:

    Piracy? -hate it or love it, its recruiting

    Earn a Bill isk a week and still have time to PVP!!!! (10mill sp Min)

    — Recruiting 0.0 PvP players — Unleash your rage

    0.0 PvP corp with 99% less Emo. A corp for mature gamers.

    ≡v≡ Shadow Company is recruiting ≡v≡

  3. I’m curious to see what you find. Those sound like my requirements. Current corp is pretty much high-sec only.

  4. So far the pickings are rather slim unless you want to join someone’s pet alliance or an Empire based PVP alliance. The search is of course made even more difficult because it’s not just a simple matter of a /gquit if things don’t work out.

  5. Neither sounds good. I’ve been thinking about joining OUCH University for at least a few months to see what 0.0 is like beyond passing through.

    I’m not all that excited about PvP but I’d love to get into 0.0 to get access to exploration and plexes.

  6. OUCH would be an interesting temporary home to get my bearings. And apparently they are accepting new members again. I will check them out this weekend.

  7. I’ll look forward to hearing what you find out. I’m not ready to leave high sec and give up my 100 mil in implants just yet and take the training time hit.

  8. Sorry you missed us. We generally do not accept new members during war status which we are now in. CEPTA is active in bursts it seems. Best of luck finding a Corp.

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