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With a slight note of farewell and best wishes I left the fledgling corporation behind that served as a link between the five on line friends with which I first undocked into New Eden nearly one year ago today.  I had hoped that we would have been able to get that corporation moving and actually accomplish something, but with varying schedules and differing goals the best we ever produced was some joint mining operations and a few level four mission clearing nights.  Thus I found myself a member of a new organization seeking to make a name for itself amongst the stars, the Open University of Celestial Hardship (OUCH). 

I placed my application on Friday and by the time I logged in Saturday afternoon I was already accepted.  The corporation is based out of lower Derelik inside of a major pipeline into curse and less than a dozen jumps from the market hub system of Rens.  Ironically enough my current low sec base of Sendaya is only a hop skip and 4 jumps away from my old Derelik base of operations in Hasateem.  So I was able to pick up my cloaky covert ops scanning frigate and move it to Sendaya. 

Sendaya is literally the last low security system before entering into Curse.  Curse is an NPC region of space controlled by the Angel Cartel.  I believe that my favorite quote from all of the EVE Fanfest videos that I watched was when this Angel Cartel loyalist roll player was speaking and stated, “One does not simply fly into Curse.”  If EVE as a whole is a rough neighborhood, then Curse would be the street that even the cops and cabs refuse to drive down. 

OUCH as a whole has been a helpful group with which to be involved.  There seems to always be someone on to answer the newer players fitting and skill training related questions as well a small roam or two being formed up with the allies and blues that operate in this section of Curse and Derelik as well.  My only hold back thus far is that I didn’t ship any tech I frigates down with me when I made the move.  I will have to make a market run with the hauler on my alt account and ship down a few Rifters for suiciding into gate gamps action.

I have not yet been able to actually go on any of the ops that were run.  Saturday night there was a roam going on but I didn’t log on until that was wrapping up.  There was also a Wormhole group that had formed up in Berta on Sunday.  I will have to remember to bring an omni tanked BS down to this neck of the woods for the next time they go into a class two or three.

Looking forward to some non-safe flying!


~ by Centuri on January 11, 2010.

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  1. I didn’t realise it was YOU I was accepting into the corp… I’ll have to revoke that application now… just kidding! It’s great to have you onboard. 😀

    Also, the corp hangar has a lot of ships for our members, whether they want to sue Rifters, other frigates, and cruisers. When I get on tonight I’ll make sure you’ve got access to the hangar so you can supply yourself with a Rifter, fittings, and any skillbooks you might need.

    Hopefully we can get you into some training operations soon!

  2. It’s no rush. I dropped off a load of 4 Rifters + fittings in Berta last night so I should be good for a bit.

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