Set Bonus

As I march unwillingly closer to the age of thirty there have been many milestones around the way that I have associated with adulthood.  First there was purchasing a home of my own and signing my life away for a 30 year mortgage.  Then other signs of impending senility began to rear there ugly head.  I can still remember the first time I was watching something on the History Channel for the first time that I was able to recall what I was doing when the event happened. 

Some actions were just becoming annoying as we went from one weekly trip to a grocery store to now frequenting three such establishments; a monthly trip to Sam’s Club, a weekly trip to one grocery store for a few specialty products (low carb tortillas and flatbread), then another grocery store for fresh produce and meats.  How did we ever make do with just one store before?  I wish I knew.

But the latest development is quickly becoming the most taxing: the quest for matching furniture sets.  I wish I knew that at some point mismatched furniture from various sources would become uncouth, as I wouldn’t have collected so much of it.  Shopping for the furniture was a new experience for me, as all prior furniture purchases ended at Big Lots or Target.  Now however that was simply unacceptable.

So the money that was being saved for a new car purchase was quickly reapportioned by my wife for a complete living room and bedroom set.  Well not exactly complete since our bedside lamps appear to have made the cut.  At least one item purchased from Target shall remain!  This Saturday the deliveries will be made and we will own not one but two complete sets of matching furniture. 

I think the set bonus is something like -50% wife nagging for six months.  Well worth the cost. 

I really wish I had some great stories to tell about my time thus far in OUCH.  Unfortunately I appear to be a bit of an oddity in my time zone.  There is always a high security mining op running in my time zone but that it is about it for weekday activities.  There are weekend ops but my play time is usually somewhat more limited on weekend nights than the 2-3 hours that I have to play on weekdays.  

Perhaps learning to deal with some boredom and teaching me to be self sufficient in terms of activities is all part of adjusting to life out in 0.0.  I will likely be moving a ratting BS to our high sec staging area shortly and then scout it out to some quiet section of curse for ratting and exploration.  The area that we frequent is in such close proximity to low sec that it is was too high traffic for anything like that.

It is not the OUCH organizers fault that my play schedule doesn’t quite match up to theirs and they have really been doing a stellar job in getting things organized and setting up a POS and such.


~ by Centuri on January 20, 2010.

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