Massive Sov Shakeup: IT Lays Claim to Delve Systems

Somewhat quiet on the blog front today considering what is currently going on in game.

First the screenshots from Dot Lan:

Shaken but not stirred?

The speculation official word is that the TCUs (Territorial Claim Units) that were placed by CCP for all of the existing sovereignty holders were set to pay their bills out of a certain corp wallet.  That specific corp wallet was left empty in some of the major alliances and none of the directors logged onto their executor corp mains to receive the warning messages from CCP.  A poster from Atlas stated that his directors did recieve a warning message concerning insuficient funds in the wallet three days prior to the bills becoming past due.

IT has laid a claim to two systems within their ancestral homeland of Delve.

They didn't want that space anyway.

The trolls are certainly out in full force on CAOD. Scrap Heap at least has a constructive thread on the subject.  The lack of trolling on that thread at least let’s us piece together the facts concerning what happened.

A cross post was quoted from someone with Goonswarm:

Here’s what happened: all of the systems that were lost were the ones with TCUs that were seeded by CCP. Their sov bills all came in at once – today. So how did we lose our space? The same way xdeathx now confirms that he lost his sov. He, too, set auto bill pay up like we did. However, he fucked up and had the alliance’s money in the wrong wallet division. Since the bills could not be paid, the TCUs all unanchored at the same time…
…So, the bad news:
We lost NOL, F-T, I1Y, 1-s, and a few stations in querious. Also our JB system is dead and most of our important jammers are gone. Years of hard work literally ruined by a failure to check a box.


~ by Centuri on January 26, 2010.

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  1. What gets me about that statement is the part where they say “Years of hard work literally ruined by a failure to check a box” Unless they’re referring to lost assets from the loss of stations, I’m not sure where they get “years” from since they’ve not even been in control of the regions for even a full year yet. But then that’s just me being biased. 🙂

  2. Well I guess if you count the time since they first started fighting BoB then it would be years. Not sure on the amount of man hours that would go into setting up and maintaining such a network of towers and other structures for a behemoth alliance like Goonswarm. I am sure it is a considerable amount of time…

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